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  • Model Nina Agdal is only 21, but she already has a pretty impressive resume as a Sports Illustrated model, a Victoria’s Secret model and even appearing a Carl’s Jr. burger ad. Then there’s her love life, which included dating pop rock star Adam Levine and is now with The Wanted’s Max George. Whether at work or play, Nina can frequently be found rockin’ a barely there bikini with her rocker lover and some have wondered if Nina’s stunning body comes courtesy of plastic surgery.

    While 21 may seem young for plastic surgery, many women and especially aspiring models have implants placed so that they look better than real life in tiny string bikini tops. Recent photos of Nina vacationing with her boyfriend, Max George seem to indicate that this could be the case. In some photos of her breasts, Nina appears to have small implants as her breasts appear high and firm and close enough together to have some cleavage, which doesn’t often happen naturally in an unsupportive bikini top.

    On the other hand, when Nina is at play, her breasts seem to have a more natural movement, falling and changing size as natural breasts do. It is possible that Nina has had small implants placed which fit her frame so well that they are hard to tell.

    In an interview with Miami’s Ocean Drive magazine, in which Nina appears on the cover, she says that she is open to plastic surgery, with a few caveats. Nina approves of cosmetic surgery as long as it looks natural and seems to indicate that it is better for older people, as she doesn’t mention herself.

    “If something is bothering you and it’s not going to completely destroy your face and look like you have massive wind hitting you, then it’s fine. If you’ve had kids and you want your boobs lifted a little bit, of course you should get them lifted. When you get older, if it makes you feel better, I’m totally for it.”

    Nose jobs are also popular with models that need to look from every angle and are often done in high school or before so that by the time a young person starts their career, their face is camera ready and the public is none the wiser. Nina does have a very symmetrical, small nose so this could be the case. Then again, she moved to Miami to model at the age of 18, so she could also be one of the lucky few born with a camera-ready face.

    As a Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model, Nina is in good company with other “has she or hasn’t she” had plastic surgery types. Kate Upton and Chrissy Teigen are fuller figured models than Nina, but both have gotten a lot of scrutiny over whether or not they have been under the knife in the past.

    Nina seems to be loving life and she certainly looks great doing it, with or without plastic surgery.