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  • Molly Sims may look like she’s got it all: long limbs, a perfect smile, great skin and lustrous hair. But as the supermodel promotes her new book, The Everyday Supermodel, she shares that she doesn’t just wake up looking great. She wasn’t even born seemingly perfect. Instead, she reveals all the hard work and tricks that go into to making a supermodel, from hard workouts to Botox.

    According to Molly, her stunning beauty doesn’t’ come easy. Instead she “has been potioned, lotioned, plucked, prodded, bleached, bronzed, waxed, makeuped, extensioned, curled, blow-dried, and straightened into an entirely new human form.”

    From laser treatments to Botox, Molly has an extensive array of tricks that she has tried on her quest for perfection, many of which she shares with writer Sara Bliss for Yahoo!


    Molly is sharing her secrets of the trade because “I just don’t want women to think something is attainable that’s not. If I say, ‘I eat M&Ms all day long. I don’t work out. I’m just born naturally like this.’ That’s just not true! I always say, there’s a chubby person inside of me waiting for me to get lazy.”


    Molly explains that while her job may seem glamorous, it actually involves a lot of negative comments and criticism about her appearance, from a crooked nose to the wrong sized calves and being too heavy in the hips.


    In an effort to always be camera ready, Molly says she has tried just about every possible procedure. However, she also says that the ones that really work are lightening creams and professional peels.


    “For hyperpigmentation, lightening creams really work. But if you go into the sun, you have to wear a hat and sunscreen. I’m doing this vegan Dennis Gross peel. Any salicylic acid and glycolic acid peels are great. The one thing that I worry about with women is the craze over microdermabrasion. Don’t do too much. Less is more. Don’t start too early.”


    Molly explains that she enjoys the results of small Botox injections, but has currently stopped using the wrinkle reducer because she is pregnant.


    “It all depends on when your issues are. Like, for me, I knew that my main issue was the really deep angry line in the middle of my forehead. So I started in my early thirties. I can’t now because I’m pregnant, but I’ve done partial Botox. I only do it between where my forehead lines are. Some people have to start with sunscreen when they’re 15. For me, I’m all about preventative. I always tell women, you don’t want someone to look at you and think you’ve done anything, ever.”


    In the past Molly has said that she is fine with plastic surgery, but doesn’t feel that it is right for her. For now she appears to be sticking with non-invasive treatments, like lasers to burn off capillaries and chemical peels to eliminate fine lines along with the occasional Botox injection to get rid of the deeper lines in her forehead.


    When she’s not pregnant, Molly says she works out 6 days a week, switching up her routine and makes sure to be careful about what and how much she eats.



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    1. Jupiter on March 26, 2015 5:32 pm

      Great to hear the secrets of the super sexy

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