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  • It seems like every one in Hollywood has announced a pregnancy this summer and as Fall arrives, so are the babies. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Nicole Richie are no exception to the trend, leading Make Me Heal to wonder if they have also indulged in plastic surgery mommy makeovers as well.

    24-year old Ashlee gave birth to her son Bronx Mowgli Wentz last November and has already returned to her pre-pregnancy body. Given the young star’s penchant for plastic surgery, Make Me Heal immediately wondered if a plastic surgery mommy makeover, including a breast lift, tummy-tuck and liposuction was responsible for Ashley’s return to shape. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Ashlee Simpson’s plastic surgery).

    Ashlee Simpson, Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston says, “Ashlee Simpson has a great post-pregnancy body. I see no indication that she has had mommy makeover surgery.”

    Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, “Ashlee has recovered well after pregnancy. I do not see any signs of surgery on her belly. Some people are blessed with good genes and, apparently, Ashlee is one of them – nose excluded.”

    Although plastic surgery may not be at play this time, in the past Ashlee has had a rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and possible Botox injections.

    28-year old Nicole Richie and her fiancé Joel Madden welcomed their son Sparrow James Midnight Madden into the world earlier this month and already Nicole has been spotted out and around looking as fit as ever.

    Nicole Richie, Plastic Surgery

    An X17 photographer that spotted the new mom reported, “Nicole was in a really good mood, being so loving with her daughter. She looked absolutely amazing – anyone who didn’t know would never guess she had given birth just a week ago. She even looked well-rested!”

    While Nicole was covered under a maxi-dress, it seems unlikely that she has already had a mommy makeover so soon after giving birth. Nicole also recovered from her first pregnancy quickly and was spotted wearing figure-hugging clothes shortly thereafter.

    Some may note Nicole’s full breasts and attribute them to breast-feeding, but it also due to the breast implants she had placed before getting pregnant a few years ago. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Nicole Richie’s breast augmentation).

    Both new mothers likely recovered their pre-pregnancy bodies quickly due to their young age and the diet and fitness regimens that go along with being Hollywood stars.

    Make Me Heal thinks they look great and wishes them both the best of luck in their new roles as mothers.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz at Plasticopedia and Nicole Richie at Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    3 Comments so far

    1. Paz on October 3, 2009 3:53 am

      is this crap for real?? as if nicole richie had breast implants. get over it….

    2. Patrice on October 10, 2009 10:24 am

      “…blessed with good genes, nose included.” Ashlee had ADMITTED to her nose job! It would appear to me that Dr. Shafer doesn’t really know his stuff.

    3. Alyyssa on January 24, 2010 7:54 pm


      you stupid fuck, can you read? The sentence says “nose EXCLUDED”…


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