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  • It seems that the reunions for the Real Housewives franchises have gotten just as long and dragged out as the episodes themselves. Which means that viewers had to wait until the second installment of the season before finding out plastic surgery treatments the ladies have had over the past season.

    While chaos generally prevails during these final gatherings of Real Housewives, as host Andy Cohen shows no interest in controlling his guests or making sure that viewers can understand the garbled nonsense that comes out of the women’s mouths, there are a few key things that do manage to come out, usually during the viewers questions segment.

    In between clearing the air and going over old grievances, Andy read viewers questions, including one interested in finding out what procedures that the ladies had done over the past year, noting that they are always so fabulously made up that it is difficult to tell what lies beneath.


    While all the ladies have had plastic surgery procedures at one time or another, only Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville admitted to having any recent work.


    When asked, Kyle at first looked taken aback, but then admitted that gets Botox injections regularly, probably in her forehead and between her brows.


    In the past, Kyle has also admitted to having  nose surgery, Botox, breast implants and fillers and most recently also had liposuction to boost her ongoing efforts to be thin through diet and exercise.


    Seated next to Kyle Brandi readily admitted that she gets fillers and even said that she had recently gone overboard with them. However, when host Andy asked about her cheeks, which seem to get bigger with every episode, Brandi said that her cheeks are her own. To prove it, she even had Kyle Richards poke them to feel for naturalness and Kyle corroborated her story that her cheeks are natural and not the result of implants or fillers. According to Brandi, she uses fillers and other noninvasive techniques as an effort to ward off needing a full facelift later in life.


    Although the plastic surgery confessions ended there, the other women have admitted to various plastic surgery procedures in the past and the season’s newcomers, Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia have most likely had breast augmentations, although Joyce opted for a small, more natural looking implant size, while Carlton’s breast implants seem to be larger. Both ladies probably get Botox injections although maybe not as regularly as Kyle and Brandi.


    The other ladies have previously copped to going under the knife—Kim Richards even had a nose job on air during the previous season. Lisa Vanderpump admitted in her book that part of the reason she looks great past 50 is due to getting Botox and Juvederm injections, and she has probably had a breast augmentation as well.


    As a former model, Yolanda Foster probably has plenty of beauty secrets, including breast augmentation and Botox injections and she may have a few other tricks up her sleeve as well.