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  • There was plenty of music, movies, and plastic surgery at the MTV Film Awards this past Sunday. Everything from boob jobs, shapelier noses, lip injections, and botox graced the faces and bodies of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

    Jessica Biel, Nose Job, MTV Film Awards

    While Jessica Biel may have chosen the wrong dress to wear, the unflattering outfit did little to detract attention from her beautiful face. Jessica’s nose appears to have been redone, as her old nose and tip has been thinned and the bridge is narrower. Beyond a nose job, Jessica’s lips are full, making us wonder whether she has had lip injections again as she has done in the past on more than a few occasions.

    “Jessica Biel does appear to have had some lip injections, possibly with restylane or collagen. While her real lips do appear fuller than the average female’s lips, they appear to be enhanced,” tells plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn to Make Me Heal.

    Heidi Montag, Breast Implants, MTVDressed in a silky blue nightgown, Heidi Montag showed off her new breast implants which were bursting out of the sides of her dress. The star of “The Hills” appeared more confident than ever in her new bosom, and her look has gone from girl-next-door to porn-licious for the awards. Heidi appears to have upgraded from small B cup breasts to a full C cup breast size. Additionally, the bridge of her nose appears narrowed and the tip is more pointy. It seems that Heidi’s breast implants and nose job have paid off, as it was reported that Montag was allegedly offered $1 million to appear nude in Playboy Magazine. Heidi’s cosmetic makeover is a winner in our eyes and the actress’s openess about speaking about her plastic surgery is refreshing.

    Cameron Diaz, Nose Job, MTVCameron Diaz made a high-wattage appearance at the MTV Awards in an itzy-bitzy black mini-skirt that was all about the legs. Diaz looked fabulous and her recently surgically operated nose showed no trace of her past imperfection, namely, a crooked nose whose bridge was twisted towards the right at the top of her nose. Cameron’s new nose has a straighter bridge than her older nose, although the actress’s new nose still bears some asymmetry so as not to change her look too much.

    Cameron Diaz had a rhinoplasty in 2007 which she says was performed only for medical reasons to repair a deviated septum and alleviate breathing problems that she’s been after having broken her nose four times previously. The only problem with this story is that Cameron’s nose looks aesthetically improved, so the outcome had some cosmetic benefits.

    Victoria Beckham, Breast Implants, MTV Film AwardsVictoria Beckham‘s breasts actually looked subdued at the MTV Awards compared to other public outings, as Posh Spice’s trademark hard-balled implants did not pop out of her dress in perfectly round fashion. Beckham had three breast augmentation procedures to achieve her current result.

    Beckham’s flawless and wrinkle-free skin also reminded us of the Botox parties that she allegedly has with her husband David Beckham in their home. The married couple also appear to be sharing the same hair bleach bottle, as they both are both sporting blond haircuts these days.


    John Travolta, Hair Transplant, Facelift

    Always perfectly coiffed with not one hair out of place, “Hairspray” star John Travolta did not disappoint by showing up to the MTV Awards with his best artificial hair system. Hair systems such as the one that Travolta seems to be wearing are made with a fine mesh material to which hairs are put together meticulously one hair strand at a time. Moreover, Travolta, now 53, has the skin of a thirty year old youngling with no deep lines or wrinkles, laugh lines, or worry lines that would normally grace the face of a man of his age. Travolta’s neck is tout and tight and he has very little jowling. There is little to doubt that Travolta has likely met the knife and made use of botox injections and a possible facelift or other facial surgical procedure. In a moment of fiction imitating reality, Travolta will actually be playing a workaholic with a bad hairpiece turned biker in an upcoming film “Wild Hogs”. This should be the easiest role Travolta has played yet.



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