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  • Kim Kardashian is working hard to lose the baby weight she gained during her pregnancy and although she has already lost 50 pounds, she still has a ways to go before regaining her notoriously curvy body. In the meantime, Kim’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries’ other ex, Myla Sinanaj seems to be holding up to her promise of being the new Kim Kardashian but hotter. Myla recently posted a series of photos of herself on Twitter, in a tiny bikini, a la Kim’s recent white bathing suit photo to show off the results of her promised plastic surgery.

    Accompanied by a caption that was clearly a dig at Kim, “The correct way to post a selfie,” Vivid video star Myla poses this way and that in an itty bitty red string bikini.

    “Of course you know who that was directed to!” a friend of Sinanaj tells RadarOnline. “Kim tries to act like she’s the master of selfies, but you know her people probably worked on photoshopping that picture all day. Not to mention, Kim loves to pose in a bikini and show off her stomach. It’s obvious she’s still hiding her stomach because it isn’t back to where it was. She should have just waited until she looked her best instead of posting that. Or spent time with her kid instead!”

    “Basically, Myla looks way hotter than Kim these days and she was excited to show it off,” the source explains. “People are always comparing the two of them, so she figured she’d make it clear who has the better body now. Myla has a sense of humor about the whole thing and thought it would be funny.”

    Over the summer, Myla promised to undergo $30,000 worth of plastic surgery, courtesy of Dr. Matthew Schulman, in order to look more like Kim including liposuction, lip augmentation via injections of fillers and breast implants. Although Kim Kardashian is thought to have had fat injections to boost her butt, the RadarOnline source insists that Myla’s full booty is all-natural and hasn’t been augmented in anyway.

    Apparently having lipo on her love handles cut down on Myla’s waist size, which makes her rear end appear to be fuller than it used to be.

    “Myla had lipo on her lower back and love handles, and redid her boobs,” the source reveals. “She’s basically been healing for the past five weeks. They made her do a photo shoot like five days after surgery when she was still swollen, so she wanted to show what she looks like now. She’s thrilled!”


    Myla does look red hot and she is probably waiting until her plastic surgery recovery is totally complete before hitting the beach, as sun exposure can worsen the appearance of scars. Scars and other consequences of plastic surgery can heal more rapidly with a plastic surgery recovery kit, which contains everything from scar sheets to vitamins to help heal the body from the inside out. In addition, Myla should also remember her sunscreen.