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  • World famous supermodel Naomi Campbell was born in England to a Jamaican mother and a part-Chinese father. These are well-known facts for all Naomi fans. But life has not been easy for this mixed races model. She was spotted by a modeling agent at the age of 15 and immediately appeared on the cover of Elle magazine at the age of 16. In the 1980’s she was rumored to have had a relationship with Mike Tyson, and then was engaged to Adam Clayton of the band U2. In the following decade she went out with Robert de Niro, and then in 2004, she was rumored to be with Usher. In addition, she has had a drug addiction, which was supposed to be kept a secret. Cocaine was the evil substance that changed her life. She recovered in rehab, however, and vowed never to take another hit again. Good for her, because she has also had some celebrity feuds, one main one was with her fellow supermodel, Tyra Banks. They have reportedly made up in 2005. Finally, she has been arrested several times under criminal charges.

    NaomiIt has certainly been a bumpy ride and no matter how many curveballs life has thrown her, she cannot avoid the biggest one. And that is, has she or has she not, had plastic surgery? Well, let us see. In 2005, it seems that she had some sort of rhinoplasty done. The bridge of her nose seems implanted and the shape of her nostrils seems changed as well. Now, how does she feel herself about this? Well, as quoted from the

    Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, she said, “I don’t see myself as gorgeous and I’m fed up with people saying that I’ve had plastic surgery and liposuction. I don’t need it because ‘black don’t crack’. My grandmother has fantastic genes and only has about one wrinkle. In the past my agencies advised me that I’d never get on the cover of Vogue without having work done but I still managed it. I just like to take care of my body. I don’t drink alcohol and I work out for two hours a day.”Naomi does not even admit she is beautiful or has a great body. She feels she just eats healthy, stays sober, and exercises regularly. Even recently she said she vows never to have plastic surgery done unless she was disfigured in an accident. It comes as no shock that she despises all the rumors saying she had something done to her body because she repeatedly states that good genes is how she accounts for her body. Her mother and grandmother look good for their age. Apparently, even her breasts are real. Kudos for Naomi, who has kept her full lips, symmetrical face, ultra thin frame, nice butt, and long legs the natural way. She has great skin, no doubt, all thanks to being super lucky in the gene pool. That’s all great. Now, if only there was something that could be done about her temper tantrums…

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