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  • Australian singer and actress Natalie Imbruglia recently appeared on a British morning show where the 39-year old beauty revealed her thoughts about plastic surgery.


    During the course of her interview, Natalie shared her thoughts about plastic surgery as it pertains to the Los Angeles lifestyle, where the singer has spent a lot of time.

    Natalie revealed that if plastic surgery can help improve a person’s outlook about themselves, then she is all for it.


    “I think people should be able to do what they want to feel good about themselves.”


    However, she added that growing old naturally is best.


    “But ultimately it’s lovely if you can grow old gracefully.”


    For her part, Natalie is regularly listed amongst the world’s most beautiful women, which she attributes to good genes and good lifestyle habits.


    When asked how she stays so good looking, Natalie responded, “I don’t know I guess I can thank my mother and father for great genes.” And apparently physical activity helps as well as the brunette says she enjoys hiking, yoga, pilates and bootcamp to stay in shape.


    “I certainly love the sun – I definitely take care of my skin though and do all the right things, I drink a lot of water.”


    Despite being a sun worshipper, Natalie likely wears sunscreen as part of her daily routine—even on cloudy days. By wearing sunscreen, Natalie will hopefully avoid the dangers of sun damage, including cancer. Fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman has found himself sporting bandages as he has spots of cancer removed twice in the past several months. Hugh is known to love the outdoors and spending time in the sun and has posted photos of himself with bandages on his nose as warnings to fans not to suffer the same fate and wear sunscreen.


    In addition to wearing sunscreen, Natalie says she drinks a lot of water, which is also responsible for Jennifer Aniston’s smooth skin after 40, according to the Friends star. Jen is rarely spotted without a water bottle in her hand or bag and Natalie may follow suit. Both women have glowing skin, especially at a time in life when many women begin to complain of dry skin and loss of laxity.


    And although Natalie may not have had invasive procedures, she may also be taking care of herself in other ways, including using a ProSonic cleansing device on her face to get rid of dirt and stage makeup as well as gets chemical peels and laser treatments to help improve sun damage and small signs of aging. Lasers and chemical peels remove the top layers of damaged skin to reveal newer, youthful layers beneath.


    Natalie has a great glow about her, which could be natural or could be small Botox injections as she appears to have absolutely no wrinkles—indicating that either Natalie never smiles or is judicious with her use of non invasive plastic surgery procedures so as to appear fresh and natural rather than over filled and overdone.