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  • Glee star Naya Rivera is totally hot and gorgeous and talented. And she also bears an uncanny resemblance to reality television star Kim Kardashian. With Naya’s newly rumored breast implants, the similarities between the two beauties are becoming even more striking.

    Frequently celebrities seem to have doppelgangers and bloggers are quick to point them out (the Miley Cyrus/Justin Bieber mashup comes to mind). But the resemblance between 27-year old Glee star and 33-year old reality show star Kim Kardashian is easy to spot. So easy, in fact, that when Naya posted a selfie on Instagram last week, many had to do a double take to spot the differences.

    Since starting on Glee, Naya looks like she may have had a nose job to narrow her nose. Kim Kardashian also was recently rumored to have had rhinoplasty and both women now have a similar nasal shape, although Naya’s is still a bit longer and wider at the tip. Furthering the comparison is that both women look to use fillers in their face, giving them a slightly frozen, full faced look that makes their mouths look small and puckered at all times.


    While Naya may have a breast augmentation in the past, it looks like she may have recently replaced her implants with bigger models.


    Recent photos of Naya on the beach in a bikini show that the small-framed actress is now all breasts. Posing with her fiancé, Big Sean, Naya’s breasts extend away from the sides of her body and also have a lot of the round, upper breast fullness that is indicative of a breast augmentation. Naya appears to be wearing a very skimpy bikini top that wouldn’t offer a lot of support, or room for breast inserts, so it is unlikely that her enhancements are of a non-surgical nature.


    When it comes to Naya and Kim closely resembling each other, it is hard to say who is following who. Both are engaged to hip hop artists and both love posting selfies of themselves. They both recently lightened the color of their hair, to what appears to be a very similar shade, which makes the resemblance all the more striking.


    While Kim always has the same face in photos, Naya does occasional change her expression, which helps differentiate between the two.


    Naya isn’t the only Glee star to be rumored to have gotten breast implants, but she does look to be the only star for whom the rumors are likely to be true.


    Lea Michelle sparked rumors of a breast augmentation when she posted photos of herself in a bikini, spending time with friends. However, given the angle of the photo and the position of Lea, it is just as likely that Lea’s breasts were photographed at a very flattering position, while she is laying down and they are being pushed up as she squishes into the frame with friends.


    Glee star Heather Morris openly admitted to having breast implants, but she later removed them because she found them to be painful.