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  • According to the official Bravo bio of Real Housewife of Orange County Shannon Beador, the dramatic blonde lives a holistic lifestyle and her home is filled with natural and organic products. So it came as something as a shock when Shannon casually revealed her plastic surgery past.

    50-year old Shannon Beador is proud of her holistic lifestyle, taking her friends to homeopathic doctors and talking up the organic materials used to construct her multi million dollar mansion. However, despite her tendency to go natural, Shannon is still an Orange County housewife, complete with plastic surgery.

    In the midst of her marital problems that make up Shannon’s storyline on the drama-filled show, Shannon admits to be insecure about her looks, including her breasts, which have changed since having kids.


    ” {husband} David always teases me about getting plastic surgery, and then I tease him right back,” Shannon says. “I want my daughters to grow up confident with their looks and do not want to send them the message that they should surgically alter their bodies if something isn’t perfect.”


    However, Shannon does admit that she would consider plastic surgery in the future—maybe when she needs a facelift?


    On a later episode, Shannon is busy dishing on her problems with other housewives when she drops the bombshell that when she was in college, she had a nose job and chin implant, which she also revealed on her official Bravo blog.


    According to Shannon, the doctor that performed her plastic surgery did such a good job that no one noticed or commented afterward—a sign of a job well done because her new look blended well with her old one, rather than dramatically transforming her face.


    “Tonight you get a glimpse of me “pre-nose and chin job.” I had the surgery my sophomore year in college and thought it would change everything! No one really noticed afterwards which I thought was crazy!”


    While Shannon’s revelation seemingly came out of nowhere, she is far from the only cast member to be open about going under the knife. The previous season opened with Vicki Gunvalson showing off her freshly operated face, including a minor nose surgery, because of comparisons to Miss Piggy, as well as chin and cheek implants and plenty of Botox and fillers. Previously, she had undergone liposuction, body contouring procedures and breast augmentation.


    While the veteran housewives have all had some work, even the tight lipped Heather Dubrow has admitted to Botox injections, Shannon’s fellow newbie and former beauty queen, Lizzie Rovsek has said that her full sized breasts are natural and not the result of breast augmentation. However, she has probably had a nose job since her beauty queen days.


    “Her nose appears to be moderately thinned, likely from a rhinoplasty or nose job,” Youn told RadarOnline. “These types of nose jobs can reduce the appearance of ethnicity, but has also made her look more elegant. Kudos to her plastic surgeon!”


    Shannon frequently introduces her friends to her holistic healers, bringing a feng shui expert to costar Vicki’s office to rearrange it and hosting some of the ladies for an essential oils gathering. Maybe they will return the favor by introducing Shannon to a Botox party?