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  • Veteran journalist Bree Walker has worked as a radio talk show host and TV news anchor for stations in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego. After establishing her career at ABC affiliate KGTV Channel 10 in San Diego, Bree revealed that she suffered from ectrodactyly, a rare genetic condition which fuses her fingers and toes together so that they resemble claws. Prior to her coming out, Bree wore prosthetic hands and since then has been activist for disability rights. Although Bree retired from the newsroom some time ago, she pops up in the media now and again. Unfortunately this time it is for falling off the wagon and getting a DUI. However, looking through photos of Bree over the years, it looks like she has spent plenty of time under the knife since her retirement.

    Bree has been very open and vocal about “normalizing” ectrodactyly, making appearances on several shows to showcase her condition and draw attention to other sufferers. She was on the show Nip/Tuck as a person with ectrodactyly, but viewers couldn’t help but notice that she has had a few nips and tucks of her own over the years.


    Bree appears to have made several drastic changes to her appearance since her regular gig as a reporter. While she used to be a beautiful blonde, she now looks very plastic. Most obviously, she has had silicone lip implants placed. Although Bree is open about showcasing her genetic condition, even appearing on a TLC show My Unique Family to expose viewers to her daily life, Bree has never discussed her plastic surgery and has even gone so far as to deny spending time under the knife. Making her lips even more obvious is the problem that something seems to have gone wrong and Bree’s lips look wider and lumpier than they should.


    In addition to lip implants, Bree also looks like she has had at least one over zealous facelift. Her skin is pulled very tight and her eyebrows are very elevated, so that she looks nothing like her former anchor self. Bree may have had a browlift and necklift as well as every part of her face and neck looks tightened. However, she has always had very lifted looking eyebrows, so it is possible that Botox injections have elevated them further.


    At some point, Bree probably also had a nose job or two. Her first may have been early in her career as her nose was always very small. Since then it looks like her bridge has widened, which could be the result of a small implant.


    Like many women, Bree may also use Botox to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around her eyes and between her brows and forehead as even in her recent mug shot she shows few creases and wrinkles which is not likely for a 61-year old suffering from alcoholism.


    While some photos seem to indicate that Bree has gotten fillers, she may have let them wear off as she has sunken cheekbones and some lines in her nasolabial folds.


    Bree has said that her lips look large because she lost fat in her cheeks, but given that her lips didn’t used to be so full it seems that her current appearance is the effect of lip implants, aging and alcoholism.