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  • For years, Aussie beauty Nicole Kidman has faced rumors of plastic surgery thanks to her preternaturally flawless complexion. Now the Botox rumors are back, thanks to Nicole’s recent red carpet appearance with a very tight-looking face.

    42-year old Nicole Kidman has always insisted her perfect face is totally natural, despite evidence to the contrary. Make Me Heal has long held the opinion that Nicole has been over Botoxed and may have also had a rhinoplasty in the past (See Make Me Heal’s story on Nicole Kidman’s Botox).

    Nicole Kidman, Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J Aston buy misoprostol says, “From the photographs I can see, Nicole Kidman appears to have had some Botox in her forehead and around the eyes. It is also evident that she has an excellent complexion, lean body and naturally small features. I think that she is a beautiful woman that is aging very well.”

    At a recent red carpet appearance, Nicole Kidman wore her hair pulled back so tightly that some tabloids speculated it was her hair-do, not Botox, pulling her skin back and making her look younger and more doll-like than ever. However, Make Me Heal thinks that Nicole is back to Botox after the birth of her daughter Sunday Rose, and it is the injectable filler, rather than her hairstyle making the stunning actress appear so flawless. (See Make Me Heal’s story on Nicole Kidman’s Temporary Botox ban).

    Dr. Paul S. Nassif, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery says, “Nicole Kidman looks like she may have had a bit of Botox, as a smile will usually show a bit more expression in the face.  The pulled back hairdo may make it a bit more obvious. The Botox is definitely not overdone, as she still looks great.”

    Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “I agree that her hair style has added to Nicole’s “pulled look”, but it also appears from photographs that Ms. Kidman prefers to have that “frozen” look that she has made so recognizable which only comes from Botox.”

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Ellenbogen says, “I’ve been doing some of the most advanced facial anti-aging surgery in Hollywood for 35 years; even injecting stem cells in the face. I operated on all the old divas and know all the tricks…there are little devices which stars hide under their hair which tighten the face. But pulling your hair back doesn’t lift anything, it just lifts your follicles out and gives you alopecia (baldness) if you do it for too long. NIcole is smooth beyond any natural face. She has had help…lots of help, in my opinion. Score 1 for Botox and probably other aids on her skin.”

    While Nicole looks great for her age, she definitely looks overdone and may want to lay off the injectables so she can show the emotions required of her craft.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Nicole Kidman on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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    3 Comments so far

    1. KL Karrington on October 20, 2009 7:59 pm

      Even if she has had botox done, the decision seems to be correct and not overdone at all. Hope she sticks with through the years and not suddenly become all obsessed with retaining that youthful face.

    2. mr.ed on October 22, 2009 4:18 am

      Saw her on tv this am (10/22) and she appears to have had some nose work. It appears shorter and turned up a bit. She’s in show biz.Older appearing folks don’t get the better roles and bigger checks.

    3. Cheri on October 24, 2009 11:01 am

      I hate her nose job. I loved her original nose. You forgot to mention those horrible lips! Her original ones were too thin but the fillers she used when she did Cold Mountain looked just right. These look ugly. At least she has gone back to that pretty red hair. The blonde made her look like an albino.

      What makes skin look so shiny? I noticed Nicole has that problem and I know this really beautiful woman who never had that in her teens, 20s, and 30s…but now in her 40s always has super shiny skin. Is it some kind of chemical that does that?

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