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  • Nicole Kidman, Breast AugmentationNicole Kidman, Breast AugmentationIn recent months, it has been suggested that Nicole Kidman underwent a breast augmentation. While some have dismissed it as weight gain, Kidman’s appearance tonight at the Oscars as a presenter reignited the rumor that Nicole had breast implants, albeit small ones. Making a scintillitating entrance in a drop-dead gorgeous red dress, Nicole’s somewhat bustier appearance lead us to suspect that she might very likely had a breast augmentation in the recent past. Being that Nicole’s previous red carpet appearances showed a rather “boyish” flat chest, her recent appearances in more busty dresses indicate that a breast augmentation might be in the mix. “She appears to have possibly had a breast augmentation. Her breasts remain in proportion to her figure though, and if done, appears to have been a very nice job,” said fellow Make Me Heal Oscars Coverage member plastic surgeon Anthony Youn.

    Nicole has lamented about her flat chest before, saying “I’ve wanted curves my whole life,” and suggested that if she were to become pregnant, her boobs would grow. “If I had my own baby, I would have bigger boobs.” In December 2005, Nicole admitted to not liking to show off her cleavage and that she didn’t have big boobs. “I’m not big on a lot of cleavage – not that I have a lot of cleavage,” Nicole said to Grazia magazine.

    In addition to showing more voluminous breasts tonight at Oscars, it appears that Nicole also had a lip augmentation before the event by way of an injectable such as Restylane or Juvederm. “Her lips look large and puffed up, causing her mouth to not move completely naturally,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Youn. “When she is compared to her BFF [best female friend] Naomi Watts, one can see the difference between artificially-enhanced beauty and natural beauty.”

    Nicole Kidman, Rhinoplasty, Nose JobNicole Kidman, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty,

    Moving on to the rest of Kidman’s anatomy, it is widely known that she had a rhinoplasty (Kidman’s rhinoplasty was profiled in a separate article). In the photos, one can see that her nose is more defined, the tip is retracted and shorter, and the nostrils are smaller.

    Nicole Kidman, BotoxKidman is also known for her regular, if not abuse, of Botox. Kidman’s repeated use of Botox has given her a “Botox brow” which leads to an excessively arched eyebrow which can make the person look angry. Tonight’s Oscar appearance was no exception, as Nicole appears to have basked in a Botox pool which contributes to the unnatural lack of expression on her wrinkle-free porcelaine skin.

    With regards to Nicole’s somewhat “cat eye” look, Dr. Youn related that “She has arguably had a canthopexy, which is a procedure that causes the corners of the eyes to be angled upward, giving more of a “cat-eye” look. The main change in her face, however, is the botox which causes a classic “Botox brow.”

    And that’s a wrap about Nicole’s anatomy. With or without cosmetic intervention, she is still one of Hollywood’s most glamorous and beautiful women with talent to boot.

    The Oscars once again showed Nicole with no signs of wrinkles, due to botox injections. amount of botox.

    Dr. Youn explains the Botox look on Nicole, saying “I believe that this recent change is due to what I call the “Botox Brow.” Botox can be injected into the forehead and between the eyebrows to remove wrinkles there. While it is very effective in doing this, it can create a side effect of an overly arched eyebrow which can make the person look angry, or sinister. The look does seem to diminish with time. I think she looks better without the Botox.”

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    25 Comments so far

    1. Cheri on June 25, 2008 9:08 am

      Her before is much prettier. A good example of a natural beauty who messed up her looks with too much bad plastic surgery. I loved her original nose and the new pinched one is ugly. She looks so plastic and the lips are horrible. The right amount of lip filler was when she did Cold Mountain. Her latest films she has looked horrible in them, it has affected her acting and they have all flopped.

    2. Maddy on July 2, 2008 6:23 am

      I think Nicole looks better than she ever has. I think anyone who watched “Days of Thunder” would agree. To use the words “ugly” and “horrible” is very extreme and leads me to believe that a lot of people are very narrow minded about plastic surgery, some may even say….bitter. Nicole is barbiesque and I have never seen an ugly Barbie. I think most women that care about their appearance even a little would choose looking like plastic as apposed to being gray and wrinkled (eww).

    3. Joye on July 7, 2008 5:48 pm

      I don’ty think she ever needed anything she was Beautiful before..Her Nose Looks alittle like Micheal Jackson’s..She should leave Beauty alone!

    4. Joye on July 7, 2008 5:49 pm

      I don’t think she ever needed anything she was Beautiful before..Her Nose Looks alittle like Micheal Jackson’s..She should leave Beauty alone! She don’t have the natural beauty Now!

    5. Bec on July 12, 2008 2:40 pm

      Nichole looked beautiful before. This is so typical of a Hollywood celebrity not only the boobs but to get lip injections that look so utterly fake and ridiculous. I thik with her talent and previous natural good looks she had it going for her, now she is just another clone of Hollywood.

    6. Lare on July 16, 2008 4:14 pm

      I thought she was perfect before, nose, lips. The breast I think its ok, but the botox looks weird and out of place…
      I hope shes happy with it though!

    7. Carrie on July 16, 2008 6:57 pm

      Nicole Kidman was prettier with her natural lips and hair color. Look at her old movie “Dead Calm” and you’ll see the real Nicole.

    8. gorgeous and fabulous on July 18, 2008 5:05 am

      Beautiful ? Are you insane ? This was an ugly women who happens to look better with a whole lot of plastic surgery. She is also a weak woman who gets cheated on and puts up with it !!! She got fake boobs….talk about being insecure ! Got to admit that keith Urban is a better catch then Tom Cruise…but he’s much to hot for her….being that is probably why he cheats….big time….anyhow….she’s a freak.

    9. Woah on December 3, 2008 5:59 pm

      (In repsonse to, ‘gorgeous and fabulous’). You have got to be kidding! Lol, no way was she “ugly”. Quite the opposite, she was a natural beauty, admittedly, she wasn’t a typical Hollywood beauty, but she was what I would call a ‘classical’ beauty. She had very delicate, feminine facial features, porcelain skin, and red hair, that was pretty much the standard for beauty for hundreds of years. Under no stretch of the imagination can she have been called ugly, even now.

      But anyway, who cares if she has had things done, none of our business, long as she feels good about it. Though, I will admit I think the work she has done looks terrible. Doesn’t suit her at all, some people can get away with the kind of work she has had done, but because she had such delicate features, it just look glaringly unnatural. She has had a lot done, pretty much to all parts of her face, including lips, cheeks, nose, eyes have all increased, decreased or moved completely. There’s also the botox which isn’t flattering to her at all. But even now she is still quite beautiful, just less effortlessly and naturally so.

    10. Kidman on December 12, 2008 1:21 am

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    14. Dean on December 30, 2008 9:55 am

      I am sorry. I cannot agree her plastic surgeries have improved Nicole Kidman’s looks or that she is “beautiful”. Before, yes, very naturally beautiful. She was my favorite actress and I thought she was the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. I would go to see every movie she did, even the little art house ones like Birthday Girl. However, after she messed up her looks and her acting had really gone downhill since she couldn’t move her face anymore, I gave up. The last movie I saw her in was The Invasion. She was so bad in it. She literally could not move most of her face. I was really hoping her character would die because I was so sick of that emotionless face. Did you notice that even with the “sexist man alive” in the movie, Australia has bombed at the box office? I guarantee had they cast someone other than Nicole the film would have been successful. She can no longer pull of a lead character that is supposed to be beautiful and sexy because she just isn’t anymore. If Kate Winslet or one of the A list actresses like her had been cast, that big budget film would have done much better. When I saw the previews of Nicole, it didn’t make me want to see the movie…it just made me sad. I remember how outstanding her performances were in her early films and in The Others she was just outstanding…all the nuances in her facial expressions. She can’t act anymore because she can’t move her fricken face!

      And the boob job…I don’t get it. She survived 35+ years with her own breasts and suddenly gets involved with a drug addict who cheats on her and now she needs new boobs to keep him? This is what she calls a soulmate? Regardless of the dangers to her health? I am not a woman but aside from breast reconstruction after cancer or something, I don’t get the whole boob job thing. It isn’t like the breasts have a sexual function like the penis and they are dangerous. Do women pressure men to get penis implants or make them feel insecure about our size? Hell, no. And if they did at least there would be a logical reason for it, i.e. sexual performance. Breasts come in all sizes and shapes and they are all beautiful because if you find the woman’s essence attractive, whatever she has physically will be attractive too. I have dated very full breasted women and women the size of Nicole before her boob job and they were all equally beautiful.

      Nicole Kidman has to have really low self-esteem. I am not sure if she had it before Tom or if the divorce devastated her so that she just fell completely apart. After seeing her on The View not too long ago I actually think she has a mental disorder and can’t deal with reality. Who would have thought I would one day see Tom Cruise as the saner of the two.

      I am not against plastic surgery. I think many procedures can help a public person’s career and most are relatively safe. I don’t really support implants because putting a foreign substance into your body that is always something you try to avoid. Fillers get excreted (if the right compound is used) but implants are a toxic substance you are putting in your body permanently. Plus, I don’t find the majority of them even attractive. Pam Anderson had a great body before her implants and now she looks like a cartoon character. Plastic surgery can be nice when it really improves the looks of plain or even homely people into pretty people like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, etc. Most of the work they have had done is good and an improvement and has helped their careers which I imagine is why most famous people have it. Most men in Hollywood have had work done too but that is rarely talked about.

      Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery is not an improvement. It has not helped her career (she makes less per movie now thanks to all her flops). She was at her prettiest in the late 90s through around 2002. To me, she looks ill and probably is. Look at her straw hair. I am sad to lose my once beloved star but ladies, if you are going to butcher yourselves, get a good surgeon who has an aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Her lips and nose are so completely off for her face you have to wonder if she is delusional to think that is an improvement. The nose should have been left alone…it was perfect for her and the lips should have never gone beyond a little filler in the top one. all the rest of her procedures just make her look plastic. As to the poster above…no, Barbie is NOT pretty for a human…she is pretty for a plastic doll…which she is. And I have seen PLENTY of ugly dolls too.. just look at the Bratz line, lol. Maybe if Nicole had relationships with real men instead of boys she would have felt more secure and not needed to destroy her beauty. In Dead Calm at age 19, she was a stunning beauty right out of a renaissance painting. She mesmerized me. Now, she looks like an emotionless freak in her films.

    15. Aussiegirl on January 9, 2009 1:55 am

      Unfortunately, I think the worst thing about Nicole’s looks is, and always has been, her smile – the gums show when she smiles. Not pretty. But everyone has faults and I still think she was gorgeous about five – eight years ago. Don’t know what she had or hadn’t done by then – remember “To Die For”? Sad she’s gone all Hollywood on us, though. She still has that weird smile despite all the work and everything else she’s changed was beautiful the way it was. I’m disappointed because she is Aussie (so am I). She didn’t have to follow the herd.

    16. Shelly on March 23, 2009 1:20 pm

      She “was” pretty … now she looks like an alien. I can’t watch her movies anymore. I am embarrassed for her. Don’t these people realize how scary they look?

    17. likewhoa on May 1, 2009 7:21 am

      I’m really disappointed in Nicole. She’s my favorite actress and then i find these articles of botox and all, and her lying about her “natural face”. It’s really depressing. I was hoping they’re not true but the pictures and the movies kinda proved it true to me. It all makes sense now. I still love her though. It’s just different when you have that much love for a person, it’s not these kind of things that can break it down.. just that. stating my side of the story ^_^

    18. penelope on November 12, 2009 2:15 pm

      I adore this couple. I just wish she would stay “natural”, the way she looked in “To die for”, “Dead Calm”, etc. She is still beautiful. I don’t like the fake (or real) pushed up boobs on anyone. Leave more to the imagination, ladies. I think Keith is super hot, just wish he would go back to wearing his hair longer, and more blonde highlights. They are still my favorite couple!

    19. Mark on December 3, 2009 4:34 am

      I think being in the public eye is very hard. People can be so critical and there are always younger and younger actresses coming up the ranks. I think it takes self confidence and self esteem to ignore the critics and let yourself grow old gracefully and naturally.

    20. A on December 25, 2009 11:24 pm

      Why does everyone think she has had surgery??? Possibly something to enhance her lips but that’s all?
      Some people age well especially if they look after their skin.

    21. Michelle RN on January 18, 2010 6:30 pm

      I’m more suspicious that something more than botox has been done to damage Nicole’s once impish and expressive face. All she can manage now is a waxy grimmace when she tries to smile. Her eyes don’t even crinkle a little bit as any normal person’s do with a smile that “goes to the eyes” and the effect is very off putting and frightening. I wonder, having worked in surgery myself, if she’s the victim of some kind of permanent nerve damage. She’s ABSOLUTELY had her lips done–they were always extremely thin, and now she has that creepy cross between bee stung and trout pout. She doesn’t even get the bunny lines on her nose. She’s ruined herself; that is for sure. Better to have allowed her skin to age naturally and got on with her life. Now she’s a creepy charicature of the elvish cutie she once was.

    22. Tina on January 29, 2010 3:07 pm

      Its not just Nicole that has a problem when it comes to plastic surgery or botox,I mean she is just another example of a stereotype celebrity,she was born with natural beauty and she for some reason thought she wasn’t,when in reality she just made herself unattractive with the botox,has she not seen celebrities who have done botox/plasic surgery in life become the topic of jokes.She was my fav actress and she no longer has any expression due to her frozen face that doesn’t show any emotion.

    23. celia on February 2, 2010 2:20 am

      Nicole was a very natural freckle faced redhead. Suddenly she becomes famous and has her skin bleached, her face tampered with repeatedly and claims she is a natural who doesn’t go in the sun or smoke. Bollocks!!!! She was asked to refrain from smoking while she was interviewed in
      Cannes some years ago, but instead ignored the request and lit up. She is full to the brim with shit! She got her first acting role in bmx bandits and it was appalling! The only movie I have seen that showed any of her acting ability was “Bangkok Hilton”…..a brilliant performance by anyones standards. Unfortunately, Nicole, like a lot of natural beauties and/or talents, sold her soul to the devil for a life of hedonistic pleasure and recognition.

    24. bariatric surgery austin on March 21, 2010 11:10 pm

      She is a gorgeous women, who tells them that fat lips look good. If they’re natural then fine, but seeing her all these years look beautiful and then screw up her face like that is a tragedy.

    25. Susan D on January 5, 2011 1:43 pm

      I had seen Tom Cruise and Nicole right before the break-up in Disney World and while Tom which his real name is Tom Mopothop and changed it to Cruise, he was anal and worried that someone would see him….as Nicole was a little Bambie happy and just taking in everything. So she smokes, half of America does; and if she wants to improve herself why not. Does anyone care that she has a heart of gold or that she is good with kids. She never did anything wrong to anyone. Please leave her alone! She is beautiful no matter what. Maybe you should pick on Tom, he is the one that needs a face reconstruction.

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