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  • Nicole Kidman showed the world yet again how glamour and plastic surgery can mix effectively. Stepping out to a film premiere at the New York Film Festival just days ago with her husband Keith Urban, Nicole was a wrinkle-free sight to behold. Dressed in a cream white body-hugging dress, the svelte 40-year old looked so pretty that some tabloid journals called her a “living doll”, although failing to mention the assistance of the knife in achieving the actress’s ageless, porcelain white skin.

    Nicole Kidman, Botox, Plastic Surgery

    Considering Kidman’s age, having no wrinkles on her forehead, crows feet around her eyes, nasolabial folds at the corners of her nose, or any lipstick lines around her mouth defies the laws of nature. While the actress has repeatedly said that she religiously avoids the sun since her teenage years, a sun-free lifestyle, good nutrion, and good genes can only go so far. Much like her substance abusing husband Keith Urban, Kidman abuses another substance – Botox. Kidman’s repeated use of Botox has given her a “Botox brow” which leads to an excessively arched eyebrow which can make the person look angry. Kidman’s appearance at the New York Film Festival was no exception, as Nicole appears to have basked in a Botox pool which contributes to the unnatural lack of expression on her wrinkle-free porcelain skin.

    Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn explained the Botox Effect on Kidman, saying, “I believe that this recent change is due to what I call the “Botox Brow.” Botox can be injected into the forehead and between the eyebrows to remove wrinkles there. While it is very effective in doing this, it can create a side effect of an overly arched eyebrow which can make the person look angry, or sinister. The look does seem to diminish with time. I think she looks better without the Botox.”

    Beyond the mystery around her lack of wrinkles is the absence of any slack skin, sagging jowls around her jawline, or any loss of tautness in Kidman’s neck. While it is unlikely that the actress had a face lift or even a mini facelift, it is quite likely that Kidman partakes in many non-surgical facial procedures such as chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and possibly thermage or other new age laser procedure.

    Nicole Kidman, Nose Job, RhinoplastyNicole Kidman, Rhinoplasty, Nose Job

    Earlier in her career, Kidman had a nose job that transformed her nose to one that is more defined, with a shorter and more retracted tip, and smaller nostrils in the process (Read the full story about Nicole Kidman’s Nose Job).

    Nicole has recently been dogged by plastic surgery rumors, including a recent breast augmentation rumor that surfaced at the Oscars 2007. Being that Nicole’s previous red carpet appearances showed a rather “boyish” flat chest, her more recent appearances (inclusive of the Oscars) with more busty indicate the possibility that a breast augmentation – albeit a small one – might be in the mix. “She appears to have possibly had a breast augmentation. Her breasts remain in proportion to her figure though, and if done, appears to have been a very nice job,” said Youn to Make Me Heal.

    It appears that Nicole is also a fan of lip injections, as her lips have sometimes appeared to be unnaturally puffier and larger than their normal size. At the Oscars, her lips looked “large and puffed up, causing her mouth to not move completely naturally”, adds Youn. While the just released photos of Kidman at the New York Film Festival make it difficult to conclude if she had Restylane or Juvederm injections, her lips are still quite fuller than normal.

    Leaving the plastic surgery aside, Kidman is still a natural beauty who has used cosmetic enhancement to her advantage. But looking good only goes so far, as Nicole’s personal life is another story. Her husband Keith Urban has been battling substance abuse ever since their wedding last June, relapsing in and out of addiction and doing stints in rehab to clean up. Then a week ago, Urban crashed his motorcycle while driving to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Kidman has mentioned that Urban and her are also trying to have kids, which is increasingly difficult in her age. Having miscarried before when married with Tom Cruise, Kidman is still hopeful for the future. Kidman’s youthful early-thirties looks would not have one immediately conjure up images of an aging woman struggling to catch the miracle of giving birth before it’s too late. But behind all the glitter and glamour is still a normal biological clock that keeps on ticking like the rest of us. Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Nicole Kidman on Plasticopedia, the web’s largest encyclopedia for celebrity plastic surgery.

    Pic source: Daily Mail

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