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  • Nicole Kidman, Plastic Surgery, RhinoplastyNicole Kidman, Plastic Surgery, Nose Job

    In what is likely to be the biggest art imitating reality moment of the year in entertainment, Nicole Kidman is set to get a nose job in the fictional plastic surgery TV show “Nip/Tuck”. Kidman will sport a prosthetic nose that will render her unrecognizable to the audience, much like the nose she wore in her role as Virgina Woolf in the movie “The Hours”.

    Fiction Imitiating Reality

    While this move is being hailed as another stroke of comedic genius by creator Ryan Murphy and the Nip/Tuck writing team – which is truly an incredible bunch of people – one cannot help but think of how fiction is imitating reality here. Nicole Kidman is widely rumored to have had a rhinoplasty. Before and after photos show a visible change, as one can see that her nose is more defined, the tip is retracted and shorter, and the nostrils are smaller.

    Nicole’s Love of Botox & Bigger Lips

    Nicole Kidman’s fondness for plastic surgery has not stopped at a rhinoplasty, as she is known to have had Botox injections on numerous occassions and lip augmentation via injectible fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm. Kidman’s repeated use of Botox has caused some critics to accuse her of having a “Botox brow”, which leads to an excessively arched eyebrow which can make the person look angry. Read the full story on Nicole Kidman’s Botox & Lip Augmentation.

    Nicole’s Bigger Bust?
    Nicole Kidman, Breast AugmentationNicole Kidman, Breast Augmentation

    Recently at the Oscars, the Make Me Heal team speculated that in addition to having lip augmentation for the event, she may have had a breast augmentation in the recent past, as her bust seems to have grown. Making a scintillitating entrance in a drop-dead gorgeous red dress, Nicole’s somewhat bustier appearance lead us to suspect that she might very likely had a breast augmentation in the recent past. Being that Nicole’s previous red carpet appearances showed a rather “boyish” flat chest, her recent appearances in more busty dresses indicate that a breast augmentation might be in the mix. “She appears to have possibly had a breast augmentation. Her breasts remain in proportion to her figure though, and if done, appears to have been a very nice job,” said fellow Make Me Heal Oscars Coverage member plastic surgeon Anthony Youn. Read the full story on Nicole Kidman’s Breast Augmentation.

    To put Nicole Kidman’s transformation in perspective, she is still and always will be a gorgeous and incredibly talented actress even though most people prefer her without the botox and lip augmentation.

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