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  • It’s been about four years or so since Makemeheal.com first speculated that actress Nicole Kidman had received breast implants. Which means that for something like five years Nicole has managed to keep her plastic surgery secret. Yet all of a sudden others have caught on to Nicole’s full chest and her old breast augmentation is once again news.

    Makemeheal.com has some thoughts on why Nicole’s breast implants is suddenly getting attention:

    1)   previously her frozen face and consequential Botox denial were stealing all the attention so no one bothered to look below her neck

    2)   Nicole is finally comfortable showing off her cleavage in low necklines and may have been covering up in the past so that people wouldn’t notice her sudden blossoming

    Whatever the case may be, The National Enquirer has interviewed expert plastic surgeons who agree that Nicole has definitely had a small breast augmentation at some point.

    “It appears she has had a pretty impressive breast augmentation,” Plastic surgery guru, Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated Kidman said. “I suspect that she’s gone from a big a or small B to a full C (cup size)” he elaborated.

    He goes on to say that the augmentation was a job well done.

    “Overall I think it looks good, although maybe a touch overdone,” he said. “It’s also possible she still has some swelling.”

    Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet, who also hasn’t treated Kidman, believes she’s had some serious breast augmentation. “She hasn’t aged that much or gotten heavy so I feel they look like nice small implants,” he opined.

    Given that folks are just now taken notice, yet another possibility is that, as Dr. Youn says, Nicole has had her smaller implants replaced with a larger size recently, so they really are still swollen.

    Back in 2010, Dr. Youn blogged about Nicole’s bigger chest, saying:

    On his blog, plastic surgeon Cytotec online Purchase Retin-A without prescription purchase Topamax Dr. Anthony Youn says, “These photos from NYDailyNews.com reveal what appears to be new breast implants. It would be very unusual for a woman as thin as she is to have breasts as full and round as those are. I haven’t seen her with obvious implants before, so she may be recently postop.”

    Dr. Youn then explains why Nicole’s breasts appear so round and high, ” It can be quite difficult, even with today’s silicone gel implants, to create a really natural look in someone who has so little body fat, especially after she’s had children and the breast tissue has thinned. Now, a plastic surgeon can make matters worse (less natural-looking) by placing an implant that is overly round or doesn’t fit the person’s dimensions. Excess scar tissue (capsular contracture) can make the breasts look rounder and less natural, too.”

    “Nicole has denied having plastic surgery in the past. I wonder if her denials will continue?”

    It took years of public speculation and finger pointing for Nicole to finally admit that she uses Botox. However, despite evidence that Nicole got the injections on a regular basis, she only admitted to trying the dermal injectable. esomeprazole price buy Retin-A online Premarin
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