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  • Swiss model and showgirl Nomi Fernandes is of mixed heritage, Venezuelan-Portugese-Swiss-South African, but she looks as though plastic surgery is mainly responsible for her flamboyant figure and oversized body parts.

    28-year old Nomi Fernandes was born and raised in Sweden and began her modeling career in 2006 after her first photo shoot for an American fitness magazine. It is unclear when she first began having plastic surgery, but given the size of all her assets, at a fairly young age.

    Since beginning her career as a glamour model, Nomi has appeared in international editions of Playboy magazine, as a centerfold, Playboy of the month and other distinctions in Czech Playboy as well as Romanian Playboy.


    Whether posing for Playboy or out on the street, the first thing you notice about Nomi are her insanely large lips. Nomi’s lips look like they may be so overplumped or overfilled with surgical material that they can no longer be closed. Nomi has a very distinctive lip line, making it extra obvious that her lips are cosmetically enhanced with some sort of filler. Some fillers like Juvederm wear off after a period of time but Nomi’s lips look to be consistently enhanced at all times, indicating that she may have gotten lip implants or a permanent filler like silicone injected.


    It is unlikely that Nomi’s lips are the only part of Nomi’s face to benefit from plastic surgery. Nomi’s nose is so thin and straight that she probably had a nose job as a teenager and may have had further surgery since then. Nomi has a very narrow bridge and a very straight symmetrical nose. In addition, her nose turns up at the tip just so and is not the least bit rounded, indicating that plastic surgery is probably responsible, rather than good genes.


    Although she is young enough to probably not need to use Botox or fillers to get rid of wrinkles, Nomi doesn’t seem to be going for a natural look, so she most likely gets Botox injections in her forehead and between her brows and possible around her eyes as well. Botox is very helpful with relaxing wrinkles in these areas, but at her age, Nomi probably doesn’t have very deep wrinkles and instead uses Botox to further enhance her plastic appearance or as a way to prevent future wrinkles from forming. At this point, it seems to only be serving to make her appear older than her chronological age. In addition to Botox, Nomi probably also uses some type of filler in her cheeks, which helps make her lips look more proportionate although all her features appear distorted from too much filler everywhere.


    Below the neck, Nomi has had an obvious breast augmentation with breast implants that are far too large for her thin frame. Whether laying down or standing up, Nomi’s breasts never move and have the bolted on look of obvious breast implants—too round too high and too hard to be natural.


    In 2009, Nomi opened her own modeling agency, Babes Management, which also has offices in Los Angeles.