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  • Nose jobs are as common as diamonds today at the Oscars. Fixing one’s schnauzer is a rite of passage for many actors and this year’s crop of nose job suspects includes a few surprises among the A-list crowd. We thought we’d leak out a few new rumors and revisit some actors who had nose jobs.
    Gwyneth Paltrow, Nose Job, Plastic SurgeryGwyneth Paltrow, who dropped out of the limelight after becoming a mother to Chris Martin’s 2 children, makes a comeback as a Presenter at the Oscars. Paltrow looks stunning in pink (a color she wore before to the Oscars) and shows that she has not let herself go in her motherhood years. Paltrow had a nose job sometime in her past and this is evident when comparing older photos of her to recent photos which show a thinner nose. Additionally, her face looks a bit thinner, possibly because of loss of fat that comes with age. Fellow Make Me Heal Oscar Coverage member plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn also remarked a change in Paltrow’s nose and also postulated that she may have had some skin tightening procedures. “It does appear that her nose has been thinned. It is now more sleek and elegant-appearing. She may have also had some laser or chemical peel treatments to her face which have tightened her skin,” says Youn. “Plus she has lost some volume in her face, which is often seen in facial aging.”

    Jennifer Connelly, Nose Job, Plastic Surgery

    Although not nominated this year, Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly plays the almost-love interest of Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond and also appears in Little Children. While Jennifer’s performances appear to get better with age, her assets have also had some improvements along the way. Having looked at photos of Connelly as a young actor and then recent photos from the Blood Diamond premiere, it appears that Connelly had her nose reshaped and reduced in size. Jennifer previously had a wider nose and more rounded tip and now her nose is more defined and narrow, giving her a more mature and sophisticated look. Another rumor that sprouted previously about Connelly is that she had a breast reduction (photos coming soon). Connelly’s publicist Cari Ross flatly denied this claim, saying “It’s absolutely not true — swear on my life. She simply lost weight, and when she did she apparently lost weight in her breasts as well. She’s put on weight since the Oscars, and you can see in pictures taken since then that they’re sort of back. Dr. Youn says “It’s difficult to say for sure, but it is possible Jennifer has had a rhinoplasty. Her nose does appear to be thinner and possibly shorter in the after photos. This can be due to a very subtle rhinoplasty, which can be performed without visible scars. Either way, she is a classic beauty!”

    Jennifer Aniston (see full story on Aniston’s nose job) is not the only lady linked to Brad Pitt that had a rhinoplasty, as Angelina Jolie also had her nose done, although earlier in her career. As the photos show, Jolie’s new nose is narrower, the bridge is thinner, and the nose has more definition compared to the more knob-like nose that she had when she was younger . The rhinoplasty results are excellent, as they have only added to Jolie’s beauty and made her look more feminine. “The photos that I have seen make me believe that she has had a rhinoplasty quite some time ago. Her nose looks great,” adds fellow Oscars Coverage member plastic surgeon Dr. Youn.

    As for the speculation about Jolie’s trademark voluptuous lips, photos confirm that she has always had full lips and that there is no cosmetic intervention in creating her lips. “Her lips appear to be naturally full, to the chagrin of millions of women around the country. She may get some injections to them to aid in plumping them up, but there are no obvious signs of this,” says Dr. Youn.

    Beyonce Knowles, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty

    Beyonce Knowles, Rhinoplasty, Nose Job

    Beyonce Knowles appears to have had a nose job sometime during the Destiny’s Child years and is also rumored to have had a breast augmentation. Photos of 25-year old Beyonce through the last decade show that her formerly bigger and thicker nose has been thinned, the bridge is more chiseled, and the tip of her nose is quite a bit pointier than before. The aesthetic results are remarkable, although some bloggers have argued that her new nose makes her look less African-American. Dr. Youn confirmed our findings, saying “It does appear that her nose has been thinned to look more elegant. It matches her face well, is not overdone, and overall looks great. She has extraordinary grace in front of the camera.”

    Rounding out Beyonc’es beautiful nose job, we were also impressed by flawless skin that has no mark of lines or wrinkles. Dr. Youn demystified her skin condition as potentially being “the result of good genes combined with high quality skin care, chemical peels, and laser treatments.”

    “She may have also had some conservative botox injections to her forehead, which has caused it to be completely smooth. Once again, she may have just inherited great genes, though, ” says Youn.

    Beyonce Knowles, Breast Augmentation, ImplantsAs for Beyonce’s breast augmentation, the photos shown here were taken in 2002 and 2005 and show a clear increase in the bust, to the probable delight and approval of Jay-Z. “She appears to have had a possible breast augmentation, which successfully enhances her otherwise naturally curvy physique. Her skin is radiant and perfect, a likely combination of medical grade skin treatments and blessed genes,” says Dr. Youn.

    Cameron Diaz, Nose Job, RhinoplastyMaking a graceful apperance with her new nose at the Oscars, presenter Cameron Diaz recently had a deviated septum repaired through nose job plastic surgeon king Dr. Raj Kanodia (who also did Ashlee Simpson and Jennifer Aniston). We are still gathering data at press time about whether Cameron only had her deviated septum repaired or if any cosmetic enhancement was done to her nose. Stay tuned.

    Caitlin Miller provided additional contribution and research to this article. Some photos are provided from celebrityplasticpics.com, Cityrags, Celebitchy, Gossiprocks

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