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  • Actress Desi Lydic may look like a frowsy hippie in her star making role as the ditzy guidance counselor Val on the hit MTV series Awkward. But her red carpet looks show that Desi is anything but ditzy when it comes to looking good. The comedic actress looks seriously great on the red carpet, which could be courtesy of plastic surgery.


    32-year old Desi Lydic hides her stunning figure under the flowing blouses and fanny packs that her character Val favors. But off the show, Desi proudly shows off her stunning figure in slim fitting dresses and gowns that are cut down to there, showcasing her amazing cleavage, which looks to be courtesy of a breast augmentation.


    Desi has an actress slim figure and her breasts ride high and full on her lithe frame, indicating that they are the result of a breast augmentation. From the side, it becomes even more obvious that Desi has breast implants as the ridge of the implant becomes visible.


    While Desi clearly takes care of herself and has a stunning figure made even better with breast implants, her plastic surgery is pretty obvious when she’s not covering up. In addition to breast implants, it looks as though Desi may also have had a nose job before getting her big break in the parody film Not Another Teen Movie. Her nose could be natural, but the straight, narrow shape is common with nose jobs, so plastic surgery is a distinct possibility.


    In addition to a nose job and breast implants enhancing her Hollywood style, Desi may also dabble in Botox and chemical peels to keep her skin smooth and youthfully glowing. Desi has a very smooth forehead which is often the result of Botox injections, which relaxes wrinkles but can also leave a sheen when overdone. Desi may also use Botox between her brows as she shows no signs of aging. Botox may also be a preventative for future wrinkles as she is still fairly young to show deep signs of aging, although being thin means that signs of aging are more likely to appear sooner.


    While many actresses use fillers, especially in the lips, it doesn’t look like Desi has any obvious signs of fillers. If she does use fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm to boost her cheeks or lips, it is very natural and well done as she still has a very natural look.


    Any facial work that Desi has done is fairly moderate as she still has the ability to contort her face into the expressions that make her character Val so memorable and capable of stealing any scene with her bizarre antics and limited understanding of reality.


    Although Desi has prominent role on a popular MTV show and makes guest appearances on various shows and even pops up in movies now and then, she has yet to become a household name. Most likely, Desi’s careful plastic surgery will help to boost her star appeal and raise her Hollywood profile.