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  • Actress Lauren Holly first rose to prominence in the film Dumb & Dumber and television shows like Picket Fences. Lauren is still around and looking better than ever, thanks to some judicious and very well done plastic surgery.

    50-year old Lauren Holly has openly admitted to undergoing plastic surgery and has said how pleased she is with the results. Indeed, she should be. Even though she looks to have had multiple procedures, Lauren still looks natural and possibly better than ever.

    Lauren has said that she had breast augmentation, which looks to have boosted her bust nicely. Rather than going for large, fake looking implants that would have looked unnatural, Lauren chose a size that gives her bigger curvers without overwhelming her thin frame.


    In addition to getting breast implants, Lauren looks to have had plastic surgery on her face as well. Lauren may have had a facelift at a younger age than most because her overall jawline looks to have been tightened up, which is not possible without surgical interference. Laser treatments can help somewhat but do not offer full results. However, Lauren may also get laser treatments in addition to having had a facelift to tighten up her jowls.


    Lauren looks to use Botox and fillers. Lauren’s forehead is smooth and shiny, but is not too tight so it still looks natural and youthful. She may use some fillers in her cheeks and lips. Even though Lauren has always had full lips and cheeks, the fat deposits usually diminish with age and Lauren may be restoring them with something like Restylane or Juvederm. She doesn’t have a trout pout or an oddly shaped face, so she has a plastic surgeon that gives her a natural look.


    In addition to having anti aging procedures and a breast augmentation, Lauren also may have had a nose job. Although she has a narrow bridge, Lauren’s nose used to be wider at the tip, making it appear almost flared out. These days, her nasal tip looks more in keeping with her bridge, so she may have had a slight rhinoplasty to help narrow it at the tip and make it better fit in with her other small features.


    When it comes to talking about plastic surgery, Lauren has admitted to breast augmentation to boost her chest to a D cup and loves the results because they appear to be natural. However, she hasn’t admitted to having any other work, meaning that despite much speculation about a facelift, Botox and fillers, it is possible that Lauren has managed to age naturally by taking good care of her skin and finding a makeup artist that is able to give her a natural glow.


    Lauren is currently married to Francis Greco, her third husband, with whom she has three children: sons Alexander, George, and Henry. Previously she was married to her Dumb & Dumber costar Jim Carrey for a short year and before him, actor Danny Quinn. Now it seems she as successful in love as she has been at plastic surgery.