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  • Jennifer Garner rose to fame as one tough lady, appearing in action roles on the small and big screen. Now that she is a mom, her priorities have changed and although she plans to continue a career in Hollywood, there a few things she won’t be doing, including Botox.

    When 41-year old Jennifer Garner first hit the screen, all anyone could do was stare at her lips. Full and lush and very big and prominent, they couldn’t possibly be real. They had to be the result of plastic surgery. And while Jennifer’s lips do seem to fluctuate in size, it is likely the result of Jennifer’s use of different shades of lipstick and lighting that do the trick, not a plastic surgeon.

    Jennifer’s lower lip is quite large and her upper lip looks like it has caught up sometime between adolescence and adulthood. While an implant or collagen injection in her upper lip could help, there are also other ways that Jennifer may have improved her smile over the years. When she was younger, Jennifer probably wasn’t yet a pro in front of the camera and her naturally goofy grin could have tucked her upper lip too much. With practice, Jennifer may have been able to learn how to smile so that both lips look their best. She probably also has excellent professional makeup done both onscreen and on the red carpet so that carefully applied lipstick could help to extend her upper lip, making it appear as full as her lower lip. A temporary lip plumper may also help.

    In fact, Jennifer is frequently asked about her beauty routine and lip balm reportedly plays a big role in her regular arsenal—as does sunscreen. As a mother of many, Jennifer has said she has simplified her routine considerably, but lip balm remains a mainstay.

    In a recent interview with Allure magazine, Jennifer gave away many beauty secrets, including the fact that she has no tattoos or piercings—even on her ears! She tries to learn from her mom and keep her appearance fairly natural, including using Neutrogena products, for which she is a spokesmodel.

    As a part of keeping it simple, Jennifer likely won’t be dabbling in plastic surgery anytime soon—including noninvasive procedures such as Botox injections.

    While many Hollywood actress rely on Botox to help smooth wrinkles, especially on the forehead and that prone-to-creases area between the brow, Jennifer says she has no plans to use it anytime soon, citing her prominent forehead.

    Jennifer tells the magazine, “Because I have a big forehead, and I don’t want it to be like this slab, a big glacier.”

    It sounds like Jennifer has definite ideas about looking good and staying and natural-looking, many of which she learned in childhood. Although she is a big star and married to A-List actor Ben Affleck, Jennifer sounds pretty grounded, calling herself frugal when it comes to shopping and not going in for many splurges, lessons she learned growing up.