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  • Israeli model and plastic surgery queen Orit Fox, sometimes known as the Israeli Barbie or the “Pamela Anderson of Israel,” gained international fame when a snake bit her breast implant during a photo shoot. However, the incident has stopped Orit’s fixation with using plastic surgery to be a real life Barbie.

    34-year old Orit Fox is obsessed with plastic surgery and admits that having a bad day or spotting a wrinkle sends her running to her plastic surgeon, who she has on call 24/7.

    “I like beauty,” she explains. “Visually, I look like Barbie, like a doll. Men love my body. It’s like a dream, a fantasy.”


    Orit first became popular when a viral video showed a snake biting her breast implant during a photo shoot and subsequent rumors suggested that the snake had died after ingesting the silicone. Now, Orit laughs off the incident and said that the snake is still alive and well.


    “It was so funny and amazing,” she chortles of her Youtube superstardom. “The snake bit me on the breast and now the whole country talks about my breast!”


    “There was a rumour that the silicone killed the snake,” she adds, “but he survives. It didn’t do damage. It’s like a cat scratch. It was one month I had scars from the snake.”


    And despite the damage to her implant, Orit hasn’t slowed down on undergoing plastic surgery.


    “I cannot stop this obsession to my beauty,” she insists. “It’s not healthy, it’s unhealthy. Four times I do surgery to my breasts. I do silicone in the face…”


    “Sometimes I feel an empty spot in my face and I fill with silicone. My teeth… I ask for the most white they have.”


    “I think I’m more beautiful now because I keep my beauty. It’s very important to keep my beauty.”


    Orit was featured in a documentary about the time she spends under the knife and her relationship with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Klein.



    “If I have a bad day, I run to Dr Klein to see if he can do me something to make me happy,” she explains. “If I feel sad, I feel ugly. It’s in my head.”


    “Whenever she spot a wrinkle in the mirror, she is coming,” adds Dr Klein. “She doesn’t want wrinkles, she hate wrinkles, so we do everything so she is happy.”


    Even the pain associated with many plastic surgery procedures isn’t enough to stop Orit from having work done. She views herself as a human Ferrari, who needs constant maintenance and upkeep.


    “Pain for my beauty, I accept,” she claims. “He [Dr Klein] do a great job, it’s like an art.”


    “She doesn’t want to be old,” adds Dr Klein. “She want to be young, forever young. So we treat it, little by little. She is not addicted, she doesn’t have too much. She just wants to be young.”


    As inspiration, Orit cites Sophia Loren as a beauty icon for when she grows older.


    “Look at Sophia Loren,” she exclaims. “She’s beautiful. She keeps her beauty. I am high maintenance like a Ferrari, a Lamborghini. I have to take care of myself so I can be pretty on the road.”