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  • Taraji P Henson is a great actress. After all, as E! reports, in 2009, Henson was nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In 2011, she earned an Emmy nomination for the title role in Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story. Yet the beauty vents to Ebony magazine that she is still treated “like I’m on the D-list.” Maybe she is hoping some plastic surgery will get her the credit she deserves?

    44-year old Taraji P Henson may not feel like she gets enough credit as an outstanding actress but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t expect to get recognized, and treated accordingly. In the interview with Ebony, that Taraji reveals that if she’s hungry enough, she will play the “do you know who I am card?” at restaurants.

    Taraji proudly admits to using her celebrity status “to get my fat ass into a restaurant. If someone tells me there’s a wait, I’ll walk right to the front of the line like, ‘I need a table now. I need to eat, and I want this. So let’s work this out.’”


    Despite her natural beauty, it seems that Taraji is not only insecure about her standing as an actress, but about her body as well.


    Although Taraji looks like she works out and takes good care of herself, she tells Ebony that if she decides that she doesn’t like a body part a few years down the line, she’ll have no problem undergoing plastic surgery for a procedure such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. Taraji is drawing from her mother’s experience, who apparently underwent the procedure a few years back, to her great satisfaction.


    When asked if she is insecure about a body part, Taraji answered, “My stomach. I get it from my mom, who had to get a tummy tuck because she didn’t exercise. I try to work out at least five days a week. But if it reaches the point where I am not satisfied, I’m just going to be like, “Can you suck this out of me? Thanks!””


    Overall, Taraji has a very natural look, but there is some speculation that she may have small breast implants due to the very high and round appearance of her breasts in certain gowns. However, her breasts are not too large for her frame, so it may just be clever undergarments that boost Taraji’s cleavage on the red carpet.


    Having very high brows is often a sign of Botox injections. However, it looks like Taraji just has naturally high and very arched brows. On occasion, she may use a touch of Botox in the “11” space between her brows as that area is sometimes more wrinkle-free than others. It is difficult to say for certain and if she does use Botox to get rid of wrinkles, she is very careful to make sure that she still retains a natural appearance.


    Overall, Taraji looks great and hopefully will one day get the credit she feels she deserves.