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  • Natalie Portman, Breast ImplantsMake Me Heal Exclusive

    In a rare faux-pas, Owen Wilson was overheard telling friends at the hip bar Hyde that his co-star Natalie Portman in the upcoming Wes Anderson film “The Darjeeling Limited” got breast implants. Wilson was intoxicated when he told a Perez Hilton spy that Portman got a breast augmentation, having shared a nude scene with Portman during the film.

    “She totally has breast implants. I saw them and practically felt them,” said Owen Wilson to the Perez Hilton spy. Considering Wilson’s broad experience with breast implanted women, the testimony must be true.

    This is not the first time Natalie Portman was said to have had a breast augmentation, as pictures of her on St. Barts revealed the Star Wars star looking a few sizes bigger in the breast area.

    The breast implants are a welcomed addition to Portman’s body, which is now more feminine and should boost her career in roles that would normally be reserved for more buxom leading ladies.

    It is speculated that Natalie Portman got her breast implants in 2006, but because she has worn push up bras in the last few years to compensate for small breasts, the breast augmentation has not come on the gossip radar until now. which did not put her breast augmentation on the gossip radar.

    We just hope that Owen Wilson’s unfortunate plastic surgery slip will not jeopardize his friendship with Natalie Portman. Thanks Owen for letting us know. We should get Owen drunk more often, so we can find out what other stars had plastic surgery.

    Happy April Fool’s Day.

    This entire story is fictional.

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