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  • Paris Hilton seems to love keeping her breast implants rumors alive. Paris is back again looking like she added another two cup sizes to her normally-34A-cup breasts. Appearing again at her new favorite post-prison hangout, Malibu Beach for a televised segments on celebrities, the 26-year old heiress wore a one-piece bathing suit that revealed an abundant C-cup bust and considerable cleavage. But only three weeks ago, her breasts were completely deflated (see related story on Paris Hilton’s Breast Augmentation rumors)

    Paris Hilton, Breast Implants, Bathing Suit

    Paris’s breast size seems to fluctuate more than the Dow Jones these days, with her breasts having a flat, pre-pubescent status one day, and the next day looking like they benefited from a generous plastic surgery. It is quite apparent that breast implants are not in the mix, unless Paris has access to removable breast implants. Now, Paris’s breast phenomenon has every woman on earth wondering how Paris manages to create this beautiful illusion as no push-up bra on the market seems to have this power of squeezing out so much breast out of her A or small B-size breasts. Given that Paris has small breasts, it is possible that she is using adhesive chicken cutlets, or breast enhancing inserts (see breast enhancers store for examples), and breast tape to further enhance her breasts. However, it is unlikely that she would be using tape in the water.

    Interestingly, Paris previously considered getting breast implants when she was a teenager and apparently begged her parents to give the green light on the procedure. She was ultimately talked out of doing it altogether.

    “Years ago, I asked my dad for a boob job and he said it would cheapen my image,” said Paris about her brief temptation to get breast implants.

    While Paris is off the hook on the breast implant rumor, she is no stranger to plastic surgery having already had allegedly two nose jobs to slim the tip of her nose and build up her nose’s bridge. Paris is also said to be planning to have corrective plastic surgery to fix her drooping left eyelid. Paris allegedly went under the knife six years ago to lift her eyelids, but muscles of her left eye were damaged during the procedure and left it “drooping” more than her right eyelid. Now, Paris is planning to fix her eye asymmetry problem.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Paris Hilton on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic source: Daily Mail

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      [...] of breast implants when her cleavage is more pronounced than usual (See Make Me Heal’s story on Paris’ temporary breast augmentation), giving her a similar look to what can be achieved after breast [...]

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