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  • Paris Hilton, Breast Aumentation, Implants

    Over the past few months, rumors have been growing about Paris Hilton‘s increasing bust size being attributed to breast implants. Some sites even included the 26-year-old socialite in their list of top 10 best celebrity breast augmentations. With Paris monopolizing the airwaves, half of the world has been wondering if her breasts are implants or an optical illusion by way of push-up bras or chicken cutlets (bra inserts).

    Make Me Heal previously reported that these plastic surgery rumors about Paris‘s breasts appear to be false and that it is more likely that Paris Hilton has been wearing push up bras that accentuated her breasts.

    Now, with pictures of Paris Hilton on the beaches of Malibu, it is evident that her breasts are the product of natural genes. Seen in a skimpy, one-piece bathing suit taking surfing lessons from Australian pro-surfer Koby Aberto — in ironically dead calm waters with no waves — there is no doubt that Paris has an all-natural bosom. To be exact, Paris is looking more like 34 A or small B-cups. And she’s proud of them. What Paris has been doing is buying the best push-up bras that money can buy or silicone pad inserts to create the illusion of having a more copious bosom than she really has.

    Paris Hilton’s breast size appears to change with different clothes that she wears, which is due to the type of bra that she is wearing. Only days after being photographed with seemingly larger breasts, Paris is sometimes seen bra-less and her breasts return to their small, yet perky size. This change can only be explained by a push-up bra and silicone pad inserts, not breast implants.

    While Paris is off the hook on the breast implant rumor, she is no stranger to plastic surgery having already had allegedly two nose jobs to slim the tip of her nose and build up her nose’s bridge. Paris is also said to be planning to have corrective plastic surgery to fix her drooping left eyelid. Paris allegedly went under the knife six years ago to lift her eyelids, but muscles of her left eye were damaged during the procedure and left it “drooping” more than her right eyelid. Now, Paris is contemplating fixing this problem.

    Read the complete plastic surgery profile of Paris Hilton on Plasticopedia, the largest online celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

    Pic source: Daily Mail

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