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  • Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has become just about as famous as some of the celebrities he covers on his blog. With a recent revealing outfit, some are wondering if Perez hasn’t turned to the plastic surgery he usually mocks in his celebrity targets.

    34-year old Perez Hilton used to be a hefty guy, but he’s recently devoted himself to living a healthy lifestyle. He has even started a new blog to encourage common folks to look and feel as good as celebrity fitness freaks. It looks like Perez has taken his devotion to healthy living even further, by showing off his thin frame and flat abs at a recent event. But his perfect physique has left some wondering if his results are really from hard work or plastic surgery after liposuction or other procedure?

    On his blog, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn explores the possible reasons for Perez’s new look, saying:

    “The king of poking fun at others, blogger Perez Hilton, is now the subject of rumors himself.  After revealing his new six pack, bloggers and websites have speculated that his new defined abs may not be completely natural.  Could his six pack be a due to plastic surgery?  A handful of plastic surgeons are performing Hi Def Liposuction, where the fat of the abdomen is suctioned to resemble muscles.  When performed on a good candidate, the procedure can be pretty impressive.  When performed on the wrong person, it can make him look like a Ninja Turtle.”

    “It’s possible that his six pack is due to a combination of a lot of weight loss, working out, and some judiciously applied spray paint.   Mariah Carey tried this a few years ago, with pretty poor results.”


    “Plastic surgery, spray paint, or not, I commend Perez for getting himself in better shape.”


    Perez is definitely looking better than ever, even if he did overdo the orange spray tan.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Perez Hilton on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.


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