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  • Singer Lorde is proud to be who she is—flaws and all. In fact, she actually pointed out that she isn’t at all flawless but suffers from acne, despite the attempts of paparazzi to make her appear perfect.

    New Zealand born 17-year old singing sensation knows she will never be royal, but that hasn’t stopped her from topping charts all over the world. And staying true to her self, even if the results aren’t completely flattering. On her Twitter account, Lorde posted two photos of herself from the same day, one that showed her acne ridden skin and one that didn’t, saying that the paparazzi weren’t doing her any favors with their Photoshop skills.

    Lorde Tweeted, “i find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok  pic.twitter.com/PuRhxt2u2O


    The Tweet has since met with a lot of controversy, with some calling the young singer brave for showing the world her real face, and others saying that everyone Photoshops out zits—even high school portrait photographers.


    While Lord may not want the public to perceive her as something she isn’t—flawless, in this case, there are ways to get rid of acne in real life, without computer programming.


    One way is to use a ProSonic Face & Body Professional Cleansing/Exfoliation Anti Aging Brush Set, the same type of device used by professional estheticians. It’s also the only such device available over the Internet to the public. The cleansing system offers four different speeds for face and body, and for exfoliation/microdermabrasion. By using the device, you can reach deep into the skin to clear blackheads, remove makeup and other impurities to reveal, clear healthy skin. It can also be used with a cleanser for even more effective cleaning power. For a touring singer like Lorde, there are compact travel sizes available and it’s a lot easier to use the device than it is to schedule an appointment with a professional dermatologist.


    In addition to the ProSonic device, there are also topical products that can help to clear skin, from cleansers to moisturizers and serums that help reduce and eliminate oily skin, clogged pores and acne to masks and overnight treatments.


    For pesky pimples that are about to make an unsightly appearance, there are also devices such as the Tanda Zap that use light therapy to get rid of zits before they make their way to the skin’s surface.


    In addition to acne treatments, sometimes all it takes to conceal bad skin is some good makeup. The Luka Rx Treatment Cosmetic Kit is designed to conceal acne as well as treat it, with healing arnica and pigments designed to cover up acne as well as scarring and other imperfections that may the result of a skin condition or bruising from plastic surgery.


    Lorde is 17, although there are some doubters, but that is an age when acne is quite common but there are a variety of products that can help the condition until she grows out of it on her own.