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  • Plastic surgery addict Alicia Douvall has dated celebrities such as Simon Cowell and Mickey Rourke. Yet in a new interview she shares her personal struggles and recent suicide attempt.

    34-year old Alicia Douvall has had over 350 cosmetic surgery operations and numerous glamorous relationships. Yet the model and mother reveals that she was so unhappy that attempted to take her own life just days before Christmas, while her youngest daughter played nearby.

    “I just kept thinking, ‘If I am dead, my children will have a better future.’ I felt overwhelmed by guilty – but I could not see a way out.”


    Alicia says that she hit rock bottom after being evicted from her home for owing three months rent.


    After her wealthy boyfriend left her, she was forced to move into a cheap hotel from a spacious mansion and quickly racked up debt and blew her life savings. Deciding to have her facial implants and undergo expensive reconstructive surgery didn’t help either. Nor did having the company she was working with on a cosmetics line go bankrupt.


    And despite a doctor’s advice to go on anti-depressants, Alicia continued to wallow in sadness. And vodka.


    : “I went to Tesco Express and bought the cheapest bottle of Vodka I could find because it was all I could afford.

    “I had this box full of tablets. I sat in my hotel room – I didn’t call anyone – and I started taking them, washing them down with the drink.

    “Papaya was too young to know what was happening. She was looking at her books on the floor and playing with her toys. In my mind she was better off without me.

    “I had left water and food around the room because I was aware that she may not be found for a while if I died.”

    Alicia left a note to her older daughter detailing the reasons for her despair. Apparently she feared that if she stayed alive, she would end up spending more money on plastic surgery.


    “In my mind, if I stayed alive I’d spend more money on surgery. But this way the girls could see their fathers and could have financial support.”


    After taking sleeping pills and vodka, Alicia eventually woke up to see her toddler daughter standing over, at which point she decided to live and carry on with her life.


    Now, she says, she eating healthy and has met a new man to help her with her financial difficulties.


    “I had lost my faith in men but he has restored it and I hope he’s the man I’ll marry. Since then, my cosmetics range has been going a lot better too.”

    Alicia continues to be plagued by the plastic surgery she has had in the past, saying that her body is filled with scar tissue. But now she is looking forward to the future.

    “It sounds too good to be true but I really do feel like I have turned a corner.”

    “Now I want nothing more than to be in my daughters’ futures. I don’t want them to make my mistakes.”