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  • Lacey Wildd, who has appeared on TLC’s My Strange Addiction for her obsession with plastic surgery is once again going under the knife for no less than her 36th procedure. The Miami-based mom has already had an astounding number of plastic surgeries, including 12 breast augmentations and is now seeking even more plastic surgery in order to even more closely resemble Barbie, her inspiration.

    46 and the mother of six, for this time around, Lacey decided to focus on other parts of her body, including her face and buttocks, thinning her nose, widening her eyes and enhancing her rear.

    “I want to be an adult Barbie, like the extreme Barbie,” Lacey explains.


    “I’m known as one of the most extreme plastic surgery patients in the world and I want to keep pushing the limits,” she added.


    To maintain her reputation, Lacey underwent six hours of procedures with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, at Bal Harbour Surgery Centre.


    The procedures included liposuction on her tummy, back, arms and legs and the fat was then placed into her buttocks for an augmentation. In addition, she also had a nose job to help thin her nose to look more like the doll’s and also to help her eyes appear to be set wider apart.


    Despite spending so much time in plastic surgery recovery after all of her cosmetic procedures, Lacey says she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.


    “I still want bigger boobs and a bigger butt! I don’t think I’ll ever be finished. Plastic makes perfect!” she is reported to have said.


    Between her figure and her flashy outfits, Lacey draws a lot of attention. Her breasts reportedly weigh 21 pounds each, making it necessary for her to compensate for them while doing daily activities. She uses pillows to support each breast while driving and only cooks on the back burners of her stove, for fear of accidentally setting her breasts ablaze.

    From her many years and 12 breast augmentations, Lacey has gone from an AA cup to a LLL cup.

    Still, although her breasts get the most attention, Lacey says that her numerous procedures are about perfecting her entire body, not just achieving a supersized rack.


    According to the Daily Mail, she has declared: “I’m proud to be plastic.”

    “I have spent a quarter of a million dollars to build the most extreme plastic body in the world,” she previously said.


    “I’m not just obsessed with my boobs,” she added. “I’m obsessed with the entire look. I’m looking for the perfect body.”


    In order to pay for her very expensive hobby and keep her many children clothed and fed, in the past Lacey has asked fans for donations, reportedly with the idea to take her bra size all the way to a Q cup. Using her website and social media accounts, Lacey reportedly successfully raised over $20,000 for plastic surgery.

    While Lacey shows no signs of stopping having plastic surgery, in the past she has admitted to being nervous about the toll having such large breast implants takes on her health.