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  • The VMAs were last night and the most shocking thing that happened wasn’t Chris Brown and Rihanna kissing. It was all the plastic surgery that turned up for the show.

    Despite Chris Brown’s famously taking out his aggression on Rihanna’s face to the point that she nearly needed reconstructive plastic surgery, the pair seemed to have made up and kissed onstage to prove the point. Rumors of plastic surgery including a nose surgery and breast implants follow Rihanna’s rise to fame, but her newly cropped hairstyle stole the show, not her possible plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Rihanna’s plastic surgery).

    Pink may be a new mom, but you’d never know it to see her stunning figure in a revealing dress. Her cockatoo hairstyle was extra fierce and she may have a new mom glow or be using ORA Roller & Collagen Booster System, which is great for wrinkles, stretchmarks and scars and giving skin a healthy glow.

    Miley Cyrus recently debuted her Pink-lookalike hairdo, which also showcased her full lips, leading to rumors of plastic surgery (See Make Me Heal’s story on Miley Cyrus’ plastic surgery). The swelling from possible Juvederm injections looks to have gone down, leaving Miley with a very mature look.

    Taylor Swift went glam for the night, piling on the heavy eyeliner and red lipstick, a change from her usual soft look. Even though she looked more grown up, it still looks like the girl that keeps getting wronged by her famous boyfriends is staying natural when it comes to cosmetic surgery and is relying on a stylist to change her look (Read Make Me Heal’s story on Taylor Swift’s plastic surgery). Her plunging neckline didn’t even showcase the breast implants she was rumored to have gotten earlier this year.

    The members of Green Day are vets of the VMAs and seemed to be the only rock band on the red carpet. Although their music has changed, the eyeliner hasn’t and as all members have a few more wrinkles than they did previously, it seems that Billy and the gang haven’t given up on aging naturally.

    In the past, Ke$ha has been rumored to be the recipient of a browlift and nose job as well as a breast augmentation. However, these rumors proved false and the result of careful styling changes in wardrobe and makeup (See Makemeheal.com’s story on Ke$ha’s plastic surgery). Under the thick eyeliner and layers of makeup, it’s hard to tell what is really going on with Ke$ha’s face but plastic surgery is probably unlikely.

    While many women have plastic surgery to look like Barbie, Nicki Minaj is starting to resemble an anime character come to life. With her outlandish lace bodysuit and bright yellow wig, Nicki looks like she recently had more fillers pumped into her face to make it look practically immobile. However, her lace outfit did showcase her possible buttocks augmentation and obvious breast implants (See Make Me Heal’s story on Nicki Minaj’s plastic surgery).


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