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  • While the weekends American Music Awards may not have quite as exciting as some of the year’s other awards shows, the stars still did their best to have their antics outshine even the sparkliest gowns. Oddly enough, at least two performers used four-legged friends to steal the show, although a little plastic surgery and makeup certainly helped as well.

    The award for best red carpet entrance goes to Lady Gaga, who showed up on a “white horse” piloted by people, even stealing the scene from Miley Cyrus, who was mid-interview. Rather than hiding behind an outrageous mask, Gaga let her vehicle do the shocking part for her, revealing a fresh-faced look that was a refreshing departure from the usual headgear and allowed fans to see how makeup can help enhance, rather than hide Gaga’s natural beauty.

    Although Gaga may have upstaged Miley’s red carpet, Miley nearly upstaged herself with a giant crying cat on a big screen that lip synced to Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” performance. The just turned 21 singer managed to keep the sexy moves to a minimum, instead letting the bizarre kitty behind set tongues wagging. Her Susan Powter-esque short cropped hair and leotard didn’t seem to indicate any new plastic surgery procedures.

    Loved it or loathed it, it turns out that Katy Perry’s geisha-themed performance was the most controversial of the night. Katy opened the show with a performance of her new song, “Unconditionally.” Many took to Twitter and other forms of social media to say that Katy’s approbation of Japanese culture was insensitive and generally uncool, while others felt that her performance and copious amounts of makeup were respectful and paid homage to the famous beauties. Katy has said that she considered breast reduction in the past, but has clearly not gone under the knife yet.

    Christina Aguilera showed off a newly svelte figure on the red recd carpet, a huge change from last year’s red carpet. Christina has been dropping pounds through diet and exercise and is looking much more like her former sleek self. Although she was channeling major glam, her makeup looked a little more natural than the big bold lips she usually favors, although her false eyelashes were clearly in evidence.

    Taylor Swift has glimmered in gold, and it seems that the young star is just making sure that her dress matches her rewards. Like most music awards, Taylor racked up several through the night and ended up with a total of four. Taylor’s tiny mini with a sheer cutout panel didn’t reveal whether or not recent rumors of breast augmentation were true, but she did look the part of a young singer.

    Jennifer Lopez took to the stage to remind fans that before she was a famous singer and actress, she was a dancer. Wearing a sheer and fringed leotard, Jennifer Lopez looked young and beautiful and managed to keep her cleavage up where it should be, despite wearing a skimpy plunging neckline after giving birth to twins. Her performance was a tribute to Cuban salsa performer Celia Cruz and Jennifer’s outfit certainly showed off her skills.