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  • There was plenty of music, movies, and plastic surgery at the MTV Film Awards this past Sunday. Everything from boob jobs, shapelier noses, lip injections, and botox graced the faces and bodies of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

    Selena Gomez stole the show with her short fringed gold dress on the red carpet and followed it up with a sexy Indian-inspired stage costume for her performance. As the young actress turned performer continues to showcase more and more cleavage as she grows older, more and more rumors of breast implants have begun to circulate (See Make Me Heal’s story on Selena Gomez’ plastic surgery).

    Although Kim Kardashian should be staying away from plastic surgery for the duration of her pregnancy, the reality star looks like she has had enough fillers and Botox in the past to keep her face smooth and plumped until her delivery date (See Make Me Heal’s previous story on Kim Kardashian’s Botox).

    Notoriously dirty Ke$ha looked relatively clean and showered. In the past, the pop star has battled rumors of plastic surgery, including nose surgery (See Makemeheal.com’s story on Ke$ha’s plastic surgery).

    Although JWoww is always proud to show off her gargantuan breast implants, she has never copped to the fillers or Botox that seem to keep her lips and cheeks plumed and pretty (See Make Me Heal’s story on JWoww’s plastic surgery).

    Brittany Snow looked smokin’ hot on the red carpet, although a bit different from the days when she played a high school hottie. It could be that Brittany has grown up and slimmed down from back then or she could have recently started using Botox and fillers as she has aged a bit and as a preventive measure.

    As usual, the MTV Awards had plenty of drama and crazy moments, both on stage and the red carpet.

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