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  • Sarah Burge, who commonly refers to herself as the Real Life Barbie , has welcomed the latest boom in plastic surgery as a milestone in ridding society of the stigma surrounding ordinary people who choose to invest in their appearance. The stunning 46-year old mother of three from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom has had more than $360,000 in plastic surgery procedures, ranging from multiple liposuctions on her entire buddy, breast lift and reduction, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, injection fillers, face lift, and numerous other procedures (see full list of cosmetic surgeries below).

     Sarah Burge Real Life Barbie Plastic Surgery

    Burge now hopes that the increase in popularity of going under the knife is an indication that people who have had cosmetic surgery will soon receive the respect they deserve. Burge is not some blonde pin-up doll who is simply addicted to plastic surgery, as she has taken her role seriously as an ambassador of sorts for plastic surgery who advocates the benefits of plastic surgery and encourages others to go under the knife and improve their lives from the outside and inside. Burge heads up a plastic surgery consulting company that advises people about which surgeries would be appropriate for them and she also gives plastic surgeon referrals to her clients.

    Sarah Burge has enjoyed widespread television, radio, and newspaper exposure all over the world. Her www.reallifebarbie.com website receives as many as 20,000 visitors a day. Hundreds of personal emails from admirers have also flooded in, including 20 proposals of marriage.

    Make Me Heal has caught up with Sarah in this intimate and refreshing interview.

    A Breakdown Of Sarah’s Plastic Surgery Expenses

    Burge’s near half million dollar plastic surgery bill is the result of a numerous cosmetic procedures over the years and an expensive yearly regimen consisting of all sorts of upkeep beauty treatments to preserve her expensive look. Below is a breakdown of the main cosmetic surgery procedures that Sarah has accumulated over the years along with price tag for each procedure:

    · Whole face lasered to remove layer of skin to give a youthful look – $14,000

    · Gortex filler threaded into frown lines around nose and mouth -$8000

    · Dermabrasion to whole face – a procedure where skin is sanded to remove the top layer, makes the face look younger – $8000

    · Facelift a half inch cut was made in front of each ear, the skin over the face pulled tight then sown back to the front of the ear – $11,000

    · Another face lift as one side looked lop-sided, so a similar nip-tuck was carried out – $11,000

    · A solid silicone implant was fed into each cheek through the mouth to avoid scars on the face – $12,000

    · Liposuction to chin and neck. Fat was sucked out through a catheter-type tube – $6,000

    · A silicone implant was again fed through the mouth into the chin – $11,000

    · Liposuction to make jaw look more defined – $6000

    · Upper lip and surrounding areas dermabraded to ward off lines – $6000

    · Laser treatment on teeth – $7000

    · Uper eye lift (blepharoplasty). Excess skin was cut out from the lid and folds stitched together – $9000

    · Lower eye area lased twice on different occasions to get rid of wrinkles – $12,000

    · Nose job after it was broken in an accident — $8000

    · A second nose job was performed to correct and improve the first nose job. - $15,000

    · Ears Pinned back as they were sticking out – $12,000

    · Breast reduction from a 32H to 32DD/E. Nipples were removed, sewn on again and flesh folded and liposuction done to each side – $22,000

    · Breast Lift – $11,000

    · Stomach liposuction to remove excess skin that could not be shifted in the gym – $7000

    · Liposuction to hips and thighs – $7000

    · November 9, 2006 – Burge’s most recent surgery – lower eyes, tummy tuck, buttock implants, liposuction and fat transfer – $30,200

    · Maintenance Treatments Performed On An Annual Basis – Skin peels, dermabrasion, injectable fillers, botox, semi-permanent make-up,teeth bleaching and hair extensions most of which are performed by Burge herself – $40,300 per year.

    Make Me Heal: What made you have surgery? Didn’t you like the way you looked/felt?

    Sarah: My first surgery was while I was working in Harley Street as a practitioner with cosmetic surgeons. So I suppose you could say I was practicing what I preach! I liked the way I looked – and I wanted to keep my looks the way they were. It’s always been about maintenance with me – not really change.

    Make Me Heal: Do you believe changing the outside influences the way you feel on the inside?
    Sarah: With me I would say so. It’s that Friday or Saturday evening feeling just as you’ve made yourself up and put your best outfit on before you go out. Everyone loves that feeling – and I’m no exception.

    Make Me Heal: When did you have your first cosmetic Surgery procedure?
    Sarah: My first procedure was at the ripe old age of 7 when I had my protruding ear pinned back.

    Make Me Heal: What have you had since then and when?
    Sarah: The procedures I’ve had since will take to long to list here I will send it on later.

    Make Me Heal: Did having the surgery ‘fix’ the reasons why you had it?
    Sarah: Mmmm! ‘Fix’ is too stronger word because I’ve never really felt the need to fix anything. ‘Spruce up’ would be closer to it! Remember I’m maintaining what I’ve got – not changing anything. It’s a lifestyle decision to look the best I can possibly look. And it’s a business decision too. I have my own consultancy and referral service and people value my expertise on both sides of the scalpel.

    Make Me Heal: Are you not worried about the risks associated with having surgery? Especially surgery you have opted for?
    Sarah: There are always risks involved with any surgery. I think long and hard each time about the benefits versus the risks. I also thoroughly research the surgeon, or go through recommendation or a professional service like my own. I make sure they are a member of BACS or BAAPS; I request before and after pictures; I ask how often they perform your particular procedure; and I’m aware that all surgeons have a speciality.

    Some procedures can be performed under a local with sedation anaesthesia which should always be opted for where available. The last risk statistics from 2004 with a general anaesthetic are 5 in a million people die a year.

    Surgery is not an exact science and people need to be made aware of this. I could go on a lot longer but basically I make sure I understand as much as I can about each procedure to help me make the most informed decision I can.

    Make Me Heal: How much has it cost you this far?
    Sarah: The million dollar question! If I were to have paid for the surgery at today’s prices it would have cost about £180,000 [$360,000] – which is a lot of money. But only in the very early days did I actually pay for surgery. I now have agreements with some of the top surgeons the country. They keep me looking good and it promotes their expertise so it works out well.

    I’ve actually received some quite abusive emails since all the publicity about people accusing me of squandering cash on my looks. I certainly don’t expect everyone to approve of my lifestyle choices – but it would be nice if they got their facts straight before unleashing a torrent of ill-informed accusations!

    Make Me Heal: Did you have the support of your family? If you didn’t, was it hard to go it alone?
    Sarah: I’ve always had the support of my family and as I work in a professional capacity in the business they know I know my stuff! They are also very proud of me for the way that I look and even more so of my achievements.

    Make Me Heal: The media call you a real life Barbie .. How does that make you feel?
    Sarah: I think its great fun! I love being called Barbie even my clients call me Barbie now! And being compared to her is such a compliment as she is Barbie is iconically beautiful, ageless, has no wrinkles, she is adventurous, dynamic. She’s even the same age as me!

    I think my only concern is that it may trivialise cosmetic surgery. But if the attention I receive from the description gives me a platform to advise others about cosmetic surgery then it’s worthwhile.

    Make Me Heal: Do you feel people judge you on the way you look, rather than who you are?
    Sarah: I suppose people who don’t know me will. It’s inevitable and I’ve learned to accept that. Fortunately, I’m now getting more promotional opportunities to actually speak to people and they can judge me a little more on my personality too.

    People who know me and understand my professional approach value my expertise and often tell me how much they admire me.

    Make Me Heal: Has your life changed since having the surgery? Are you truly happier?
    Sarah: My life has changed considerably, especially in the last few months after being spotted on GMTV by a top celebrity agent and I’ve now been assigned the title of “The World’s First Cosmetic Surgery Ambassador”.

    It’s opened doors for me and generated opportunities that I never dreamed possible. I am now travelling the world as a guest speaker on cosmetic surgery-related issues. I have a huge following of fans in Italy, Norway, Singapore … even Russia! I’ve also been asked to help with advertising campaigns for skin care products and asked to appear in TV dramas. So yes I am truly the happiest I have ever been.

    Make Me Heal: You’ve received over 20 marriage proposals from ne. Have you considered meeting any of the men who proposed?
    Sarah: Well. It’s a bit unnerving to receive a proposal from someone who I’ve never met. Although I’m pretty much happy to meet anyone under the appropriate circumstances!!

    Make Me Heal: What advice would you give to women, particularly young women regarding having surgery?
    Sarah: My advice is to do your research as I said earlier. Understand your own personal motivation too. With me it’s about maintaining things and professional need. Other people might be genuinely unhappy with the way they look. And if you are, then, with the right advice, you can change it. You should be at least 21 and you should also manage your expectations of how the surgery will make you feel afterwards.

    Make Me Heal: Are you planning on having any more surgery to enhance your looks?
    Sarah: I’m too busy at the moment for more surgery but I never say never. And of course things start to head south then yes I will consider more surgery.

    Make Me Heal: What are your plans for yourself, now you have this new found acclaim?
    Sarah: It’s all been a bit of whirlwind to be honest. But I intend to have as much fun as possible. And, if I can, help as many people make informed decisions about how cosmetic surgery might improve their lives too.

    Sarah Burge Real Life Barbie Plastic SurgeryAbout Sarah Burge – Real Life Barbie:

    TV personality and Model Sarah Burge trained at The Italia Conti Theatre School. She regularly appears on TV and Radio here and abroad and the world’s media have named her “The Real Life Barbie”. She is also widely-considered to be the world’s first TV ambassador for cosmetic surgery and is now targeting a role as a TV host. Credits include GMTV, Channel 5, Channel 5 news, BBC Look East, Anglia TV, Granada TV, RDF Television, Sunday Mirror, Radio Cambridge, BBC Peterborough, BBC Radio Cambridge, REM and spectrum in Spain, ML and HI magazines in Spain plus many more. Mother-of-three Sarah’s astonishing age-defying looks are due to her disciplined approach to health and happiness plus more than £180,000 worth of cosmetic surgery. She now shares her secrets, travelling the world as a guest speaker on topical TV and radio shows along side modelling and advertising commitments. Sarah’s unbridled passion for the benefits of surgery and fascinating career route makes her compulsive viewing and a perfect TV host. Discovered at 17 after working as a bunny girl and enjoyed success in beauty competitions and page 3 modelling during which time she also studied make-up and prosthetics before gaining qualifications in the USA with the society of permanent cosmetic practitioners. Not just a pretty face, Sarah is even qualified to advise and undertake a whole host of procedures and post operative treatments!


    Website: http://www.reallifebarbie.com

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