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  • [Photo removed at celebrity rep's request.  You may find photo at: http://poponthepop.com/gallery/tameka-foster]

    This is the fuss most frequently heard around Tameka Foster, in today’s social swarm. The 35-year old fiancee of hip hop and R&B sensation Usher – who is 7 years her junior – has drawn quite the attention by unwisely bearing her stomach full fledge, excess skin, flab, stretch marks, and all. With three kids from a previous marriage, one on the way (from Usher), and a planned marriage in the Hamptons later this month, it appears that Tameka could seriously benefit from getting a Mommy Makeover plastic surgery combo. Considering that Tameka is marrying a man who is somewhat of a sex symbol desired by legions of women and who happens to be almost a decade younger than her, upkeep of her body has become an emergency. Enter plastic surgery for this 911-call.

    The perks of such a combo of plastic surgery procedures, which often includes a tummy tuck, muscle repair, and a breast lift are phenomenal. With healing only taking a few weeks, a mommy makeover can transform Tameka’s midriff and allow her to lose 6-7 pounds in a jiffy, melt away a few waist sizes, tighten her abdominal muscles that have been stretched out from childbirth, and erase away some of her stretch marks. Moreover, a tummy tuck in particular can help to reduce and diminish the excess skin, seen hanging loosely and obscenely in Tameka’s photos. Also, the results of a mommy makeover are permanent, provided she sticks to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

    Tameka Foster, Plastic Surgery, CosmeticOne can only guess that if Tameka’s stomach is in such dire shape, she can also use help higher up with her boobs. As breasts can deflate, lose volume, and sag after breastfeeding a few babies, if a breast lift is thrown into the mix, Tameka’s twins could gain a youthful perkiness that she has not seen since her twenties. Depending on her situation, Tameka can also get breast implants combined with her lift if she has too much skin that a breast lift alone cannot restore to a desirable shape.

    It’s safe to say that marriage and all its challenges are enough of a weight to carry, let’s “lighten the load” literally and draw attention where it’s welcome…. being a beautiful mom, wife, and woman.

    Congratulations to the two soon-to-be newlyweds. We’ll just have to put our plastic surgery radar on Tameka and see if she takes the plunge and goes under the knife after giving birth.

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