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  • As the Oscars draw ever closer, Make Me Heal has decided to take a look at all the nominees for Best Supporting Actress and their plastic surgery profiles.

    34-year old Amy Adams has been nominated for her role in Doubt, making it her second Oscar nomination. The multi-talented actress, who also sings is unusual because she seems to have reached fame without any major plastic surgery. At most, the fresh-faced redhead has used Botox to keep her brow smooth and wrinkle-free. See Make Me Heal’s story on Amy Adam’s plastic surgery.

    Amy Adams, Plastic Surgery

    Penelope Cruz is also 34-year and nominated for her second Oscar for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Unlike her competitor, it seems that Penelope has spent some time in the plastic surgeon’s office. The Spanish beauty may have undergone a rhinoplasty in the past, leaving her with an unusually shaped nasal tip. She may have also dabbled in lip injections in the past. Although Penelope has never admitted to going under the knife, she has never spoken out against plastic surgery, either. See Make Me Heal’s story on Penelope Cruz’s plastic surgery.

    Penelope Cruz, Plastic Surgery

    (Left: 1994, Right: 2009)

    43-year old Viola Davis has been nominated for her first Academy Award for her role in Doubt. Like her co-star Amy Adams, it seems that Viola has probably not had very much plastic surgery, although some photos have revealed a possible ethnic rhinoplasty. Viola also used to have a very gummy-looking smile, which may have been corrected by using Botox injections. See Make Me Heal’s story on Viola Davis’ plastic surgery.

    Viola Davis, Cosmetic Surgery

    38-year old Taraji P. Henson is the other woman of color nominated for an Oscar in a major category, for her role in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Taraji is another example of stunning natural beauty that has been unaided by plastic surgery, although some dermatological treatments, like microdermabrasion, could help her shine even more at the upcoming event. See Make Me Heal’s story on Taraji P. Henson’s plastic surgery.

    Taraji Henson, Plastic Surgery

    44-year old Marisa Tomei has been nominated for her third Oscar for her work in The Wrestler. Although older than her co-nominees, Marisa appears to be plastic surgery free and still look just as good, if not better than her younger peers. Plastic surgeons seem to agree that some eye work would be beneficial for Marisa, but that the most the actress seems to have done is a little Botox in the forehead region. See Make Me Heal’s story on Marisa Tomei’s plastic surgery.

    Marisa Tomei, Plastic Surgery

    Make Me Heal enjoyed all the nominees’ performances and wishes them the best of luck at the Academy Awards.

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