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  • When it was announced that Carrie Fisher would be returning to her role as Princess Leia in the highly anticipated Star Wars movies, many fans wondered how she would ever fit back into the metal bikini. Now her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, has revealed that while Carrie may not want to be a slave to her weight, she has managed to lose 40 pounds.

    “She’s been on a diet ever since [she was cast in the film], because you know they have to be up to par, so she looks terrific,” her mother Debbie Reynolds revealed while talking to Extra’s Mario Lopez. “She’s very excited, as we all are, because we all love Star Wars.”

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    57-year old Carrie Fisher had dropped 50 pounds on the Jenny Craig diet plan back in 2011, joking at the time, it was so she “get into the metal bikini and just walk around the house like an idiot.”


    However, she didn’t manage to keep the weight off but since last August looks remarkably slimmer and more like the Princess Leia Star Wars fans have been fantasizing about over the past several decades.


    When the new set of films from JJ Abrams and Disney was announced, petite Carrie said, “I’m glad they are doing a new movie because they are sending a trainer to my house so I can get in really good shape.”


    Her mother, iconic actress and star of classic films like “Singing in the Rain,” revealed that Carrie is “very excited” about the upcoming film.


    Carrie isn’t the only star that is returning to the famous franchise to move back into her most famous role. Also joining her are Harrison Ford in his role as Han Solo and Mark Hamill will pick up a Lightsaber again to star as Luke Skywalker. The movie is filming in London and is set to be released in December 2015.


    Since originally appearing in the Star Wars films that have taken over generations of fantasy lovers, Carrie has opened up about her battle with drugs and mental illness as well as sparked more than a few rumors of plastic surgery, especially through her ongoing battle of the bulge.


    When Carrie lost weight on Jenny Craig a few years back, many couldn’t believe their eyes. Not only was Carrie much slimmer, but she also appeared to look very different, leading to rumors of a drastic plastic surgery makeover involving a facelift, necklift  and eyelift as well as over zealous Botox injections to smooth out her forehead, the space between her eyes and crow’s feet as well as dermal fillers like Restylane placed in her lip and cheeks and the nasolabial folds stretching from her nose to her lips.


    This time around, Carrie looks to have skipped the fillers resulting in a more natural appearance, but she want to rely on more than just movie magic to get rid of some of the deeper lines between her brows and around her lips. A more subtle touch of Botox and fillers would likely help her weight loss appear even better.