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  • R&B singer Jhene Aiko is currently fighting The Worst rumors of plastic surgery. Recent reports suggest that the 26-year old California native has had plastic surgery in an effort to appear “less Asian.”

    Earlier in the week Media Takeout posted old and new photos of Jhene Aiko suggesting that Jhene had undergone Asian eyelid surgery in order to appeal to broader audiences.

    According to the blog, “You know how SOME Black folks get NOSE JOBS and BLEACH THEIR SKIN to look more . . . “ACCEPTABLE” to American society. Well \Asians have their OWN SET OF PROCEDURES that they undergo . . . so that they can “FIT IN” better. One of those procedures is an EYE OPENING Surgery.”

    “And after looking at R&B singer Jhene Aiko’s photo’s . .. it’s pretty clear that she did SOMETHING to make her eyes look more European.”


    However, Jhene says that the rumors are false, telling RumorFix, “I can tell you myself that it is false and I am already only a quarter Japanese.”


    The singer later Tweeted, “eye surgery to look less Asian ? the reach is reeeeaaaal . lol”


    The before and after photos indicated do show a change in appearance, but it appears to be mainly due to cosmetics and camera angles. Like many stars, Jhene has probably learned better picture taking techniques, in the age of selfies, which showcase her wide open eyes. She also applies more makeup than she used to wear before fame, helping her look more like a star than an average beauty.


    While Jhene doesn’t look to have altered her looks to look “less Asian,” other celebrities have spent time under the knife.


    The Talk co-host Julie Chen admitted to fans that she did have eyelid surgery after a producer and an agent told she looked “too Chinese” to move ahead in her career. After going under the knife for eyelid surgery, Julie’s career began to take off, although she says that she sometimes feels guilty for “giving in to the man.” However Julie says that the only thing she has done is her eyes although many believe that her nose and cheeks have been tweaked with plastic surgery as well. To explain why her appearance changes somewhat drastically from show to show, Julie says that sometimes her makeup  is a little overzealous with the heavy makeup and contouring, making her face appear to be different. Even the shape of Julie’s natural cupid’s bow mouth is altered with lipstick, having her makeup artist apply more to the outer edges and cutting down on the bow in the middle.


    Actress Lindsay Price Lindsay is thought to have undergone eyelid surgery and she may more recently have gotten a breast implants as well, sometime before her marriage to celebrity chef Curtis Stone. Lindsay’s looks have changed over the years, which many attribute to the actress spending time under the knife.


    Plastic surgery is common throughout the entertainment industry, for better or worse.