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  • We think yes.

    These days Ray Liotta cannot stay away from the rumors. The rumor mill seems to attack everyone, with no solution for escape. He has already suffered rumors of treating all women badly except for, of course, his own wife. Well, who would ever want to be rumored for mistreating his wife? Unfortunately, neither do they want to be rumored for having plastic surgery done.

    That is exactly what his fans all are saying as of now. For this 52-year-old American actor, plastic surgery is the most likely rumor that could be reported about him. He is at that age where wrinkles come in droves and he must compete with all the good-looking young men out there, if he plans on staying at the top of his game. His career can’t be over yet and there are pictures of proof of him having done something to his physical appearance. No lines on his forehead. No wrinkles around the eyes. Is that natural for an aging man? Don’t think so.



    Regarding Liottas’s latest appearance to the public, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Griffin said “He’s probably had some Restylane or something injected into his laugh lines. He’s developed a bit of a jowl. His skin looks awful. I’m sure he’s been getting some kind of treatment because he’s had a history of acne.”

    Of course, his spokesperson is going to deny that he ever had anything done at all, but who wants to admit to having anything done? It is a pity because these famous people really do look beautiful and as long as they look great, who really cares how they got there?It’s a harsh world.

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