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  • Every nose job has a story. Recently, talk show host Wendy Williams spoke to reality star Michel’le of R&B Divas about the reason behind hers.

    Talk show host Wendy Williams is not one to beat around the bush when it comes to any topic, including plastic surgery. Honest about her own considerable time spent under the knife, Wendy often encourages guests to be open about their procedures as well. So when R&B Divas Michel’le appeared on the show after wrapping her season, Wendy cut right to the chase.

    Wendy: The nose is very obvious, you’ve also talked about abuse. Pardon the blogs and me if we try to put to and two together. Was your nose broken by, say,  one of your baby’s fathers?

    Michel’le: Yeah, one of my boyfriends hit me and crooked it, so I had to try and straighten it and it took years because it cost a lot of money.”

    Wendy didn’t stop there, she gamely continued to the interview to find out which of Michel’le’s famous exes was the abuser responsible for Michel’le’s drastic nose surgery.

    Wendy: By saying Suge didn’t beat you, the finger is pointing at you Dr. Dre…

    Michel’le: He knows it. It was very public. It was very, very public so that wasn’t a secret. I did five videos and we had to cover three black eyes. It seemed like the day before the video, I would get a black eye and had to cover it. But it was okay because I loved him. I truly, truly, truly thought he loved me. I didn’t take it as anything bad, nor did I grow up seeing it in my household.  I finally realized that that wasn’t good, and believe it or not the person who helped me see that was Suge, he helped me see that it wasn’t a normal thing. He tried to do that one time to me but I fought back. He tried to rough me up but by that time I was over it. Things flying. I was ready then. By the time I got out the hospital [laughs].  I know it sounds really crazy but it was my life. I can truly say that a lot of things that happened in my life, saved my life. Everything I’m going through saved my life.


    It isn’t the first time that Wendy has criticized an over zealous nose surgery, although it seems to have been badly needed in Michel’le’s case. In the past, she started a beef with Lil Kim, accusing her of wanting to look like LaToya Jackson and overworking her nose.

    And Wendy has also openly admitted to her own love of plastic surgery, undergoing numerous procedures including liposuction, breast augmentation and getting Botox and fillers on a regular basis as well and encouraging other women to do the same, if they want to change their looks.

    It is nice to hear that Michel’le is doing well for herself these days and her acceptance of her past history is pretty amazing.



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    1. kathrina lewis on August 26, 2017 4:49 am

      In case you are considering a rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, should you have a mental picture of what you hope to appear to be after the procedure and maybe in spite of about downloading a rhinoplasty app.

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