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  • Real Housewife of New Jersey, Dina Manzo may not flip tables or go into debt like her co-stars. But she does have plastic surgery in common with them.

    37-year old Dina Manzo recently announced via an interview with Life &Style that she underwent breast reduction surgery after getting breast augmentation in 2000.

    Dina Manzo, Plastic Surery

    Dina underwent surgery in April of this year to correct a breast augmentation surgery that gave her back pain and made her feel self-conscious.

    “I woke up from surgery and just knew I was super huge and needed to get the implants taken out,” she told Life & Style of her 2000 surgery. “I went back within the first two weeks and got them reduced.”

    “I was uncomfortable and felt like I was carrying a child around with me all the time,” she says. “Plus, you don’t realize it until you have big boobs, but they’re a pain when it comes to dressing.”

    Her third surgery has taken Dina from 32DD size breasts down to a 32C cup.

    “Everyone says I look the way I should now,” she boasts. “I’m proportional!’

    “I’m so excited to go bikini shopping!” she says. “I’ve always had to wear cover-ups because I’ve been self-conscious. When you have big boobs, there’s a fine line between looking tasteful and looking tacky.”

    Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “A Breast Reduction involves removing excess breast tissue and then reconstructing the breast shape to a smaller and more lifted one.  Big-breasted women love this procedure because it alleviates excessive weight and stress on their shoulders and back that most had been suffering from.  They can also feel more confident in certain clothes and bathing suits that they may have been embarrassed to wear prior to their surgery.”

    Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer says, ” The results from Dina Manzo’s breat reduction look great.  I am sure she is happy to have the weight off her chest.  There are two sets of patients.  Those with very large breasts want smaller breasts and those with very small breast want larger breasts…”

    Despite her past bad experience with plastic surgery, her new results have left her looking forward to getting more work done in the future, as she ages.

    “When something falls and needs to be lifted, it will be lifted,” she says. “I can promise you that.”

    Make Me Heal looks forward to the chaos of the latest season of Real Housewives of New Jersey and to more plastic surgery in the future.

    Read the complete celebrity plastic surgery profile of Dina Manzo on Plasticopedia, the largest celebrity plastic surgery encyclopedia.

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