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  • Although Kathy Wakile is pretty down to earth as Real Housewives go, she too has apparently has her share of nips and tucks here and there.

    Just in time for the Season 4 Reunion of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Kathy revealed that she had her lips plumped up with injectable fillers, marking her second plastic surgery procedure.

    Kathy explains to Hollywood Life, “I had my lips done 10 days prior to the reunion. While I was there getting a facial I asked what was the process of having them plumped up and I said, ‘OK, why not?’ It was only 10 days fresh which is why it looked more so on the show, and my makeup artist plumped them out with lipgloss too.”

    While many Real Housewives of any city have undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures, from breast implants to Botox, Kathy is generally understood to be a more grounded personality than her costars, which is why it surprised fans to hear her revelation.

    Kathy says that although her husband was initially unhappy about her decision, he has come around and now likes her new look, as does the rest of her family. She says, “My family thinks it’s great, my husband, he is just the most wonderful and loves me no matter what. I’m very lucky for that and he didn’t push me one way or the other.”

    And while Kathy may be indulging in a little touch up now and again, fans don’t have to worry about her going overboard with plastic surgery in the future, as she Kathy’s goal was to appear more youthful version of herself, not have a drastically different appearance.

    “I just wanted to look more youthful, like I did in high school.”

    Kathy is fairly new to the plastic surgery world, especially for a Housewife, as earlier last year Kathy had revealed that she had undergone a rhinoplasty.

    On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kathy Wakile revealed that she had decided to get a nose job, but not for the reasons that you might think.

    Apparently Kathy had broken her nose twice in the past and began to notice a bump forming in the middle of her nose. Unhappy about the bump and the way it made her nose look, Kathy had a minor nose job in January of 2012 to fix the bump and restore her nose to its former shape.

    Before and after photos of Kathy’s nose job don’t real show a big difference in her appearance, indicating that it was a job well done. Most fans didn’t notice a change in her appearance and instead felt it was Kathy’s new confidence in her looks that made the biggest change.

    Although Kathy decided to opt for a plastic surgery treatment to enhance her lips and shape her nose, similar but less obvious effects can also be achieved with makeup. Careful contouring can help slim and define the nose, while lips can be made a little bigger-looking with a lip plumper or gloss.