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  • Think Tamra Barney is smiling a little differently these days? The newlywed gym bunny may have tried to play coy, but as fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County know, the blonde isn’t the world’s best liar and has admitted to getting facial fillers.

    46-year old Tamra Barney may be looking her best yet, but she is looking a little more squinty than usual. No, she doesn’t need glasses, it seems that the fillers in her cheeks are making her eyes appear to be smaller.

    During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, the blonde chatted it up with the host of the show, Andy Cohen.


    Eventually, the host began taking viewer questions, including one that read “What all has Tamra Barney done to her face? Eyelift? Facelift? Her legs look great though,” and adding his own: “Have you done something to your face?”


    At first Tamra, tried to deny doing anything to alter her appearance, responding with a straight faced, “Nothing. Zero.”


    She even pinched her cheeks, as though to prove it.


    The host continued to probe, saying, “I feel like I’m looking at some fillers.”


    “Feel. I haven’t!” Tamra protested as she leaned forward to let Andy touch her face, which he politely declined to do.


    Fellow guest Angela Kinsey chimed in: “Can you feel a filler? I don’t think you can.”


    “I mean, come on, I’m honest,” Tamra continued with a telling giggle, her eyes disappearing into the sockets in the process thanks to her newly accentuated cheekbones.


    “Oh my God! You have!” Andy exclaimed. “You’ve got fillers.”


    “I don’t lie!” she chirped in a high-pitched voice, her ear-to-ear grin absolutely giving the game away.


    “You have some stuff in your cheek, new stuff in your cheek. No?” Andy pushed as Tamra pawed at her face.


    “Maybe just a little bit,” she finally admitted with a smirk.


    Tamra may have tried to play coy in this instance, but in the past she has been very open about her efforts to look young, even going under the knife while filming on the show.


    In Tamra’s first season on the show, she had supersized breast implants, which were apparently encouraged by her ex-husband Tamra Barney. In a later season, Tamra had her implants replaced with  a smaller size, much to the dismay of Simon.


    Finally, after ditching Simon, Tamra also ditched the breast implants altogether, writing in a Facebook post in 2012: “Removing my implants was a way of me taking back control of MY body physically and mentally. The best part of being in my 40s is that I started to feel more secure with myself and accepting of my body. I now work hard to keep myself healthy with diet and exercise. I love the way I look without my implants and do NOT miss them at all.”


    Tamra now has a new husband with whom she co owns a gym and also dabbles in hormone replacement and Botox, along with fillers to stay looking her Orange County approved best.