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  • Another season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City and during the reunion special, host Andy Cohen gets the women to reveal new plastic surgery procedures.

    On the reunion special, newcomer Kristen Taekman also has the newest plastic surgery: a breast augmentation. Apparently it was a second set for Kristen, and an anniversary present from her husband.

    “First year is diamond, somewhere along there is paper and nine years is silicone,” the RHONY star joked during Brandi Glanville’s Podcast One show.


    The implants were apparently the second round for Kristen, wife of EBOOST co-founder Josh Taekman, and mother to son Cash, 5, and daughter Kingsley, 2.


    She explained that after having two kids, she needed to have her breast implants replaced because the old ones weren’t up to par anymore.

    “I’ve had two kids and breastfed. I needed new ones. They look and feel so much better,” she told Glanville.


    Dr. Tornambe tells PopDust that Kristen probably uses Botox injections as well. He hasn’t treated Kristen or the other Housewives of NYC but says, “This very pretty lady has aged nicely…..with a little bit of help. It appears that she has had a tasteful, conservative mini facelift and perhaps some Botox to her forehead, but not much else. Her stylish haircut frames her face nicely, reinforcing the premise that Kristen is accepting the notion of aging gracefully….with a little bit of help!”


    Although Kristen may have the newest pair, other housewives have owned up to breast augmentation in the past as well.


    Sonja Morgan drew criticism for having a bad breast augmentation after she performed in a burlesque act for a charity show. In addition, Dr. Tornambe tells PopDust, “Some people actually become more attractive as they mature. Sonja is an excellent example of that phenomenon. I suspect that she has helped herself along the way by undergoing a facelift and upper eyelid tuck. I also believe that fillers to the mid face and smile lines and perhaps some Botox to the forehead allow her to maintain her elegant beauty.”


    As for the other housewives of the big apple? Dr. Tornambe suspects they have all had work as well:


    Aviva Dreshner, who famously threw her fake leg this season, has had a facelift as well as cheek implants to boost her delicate features, “She has maintained that beauty with what appears to be a facelift, rhinoplasty and Botox to the forehead. It seems that she has also had cheek implants, which, in my opinion, are a bit too large for her delicate face.”

    Carole Radizwell could use a little Botox to open up her eyes, “It looks like she has had a facelift with liposuction of the jaw line and mid face. A bit too much fat removed from her face, in my opinion. I believe that she has also had a rhinoplasty to narrow her nose to match her thinner face. Botox properly placed to the outer forehead would gently lift her lateral eyebrows in a pleasing fashion.”