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  • EJ Johnson, son of basketball legend Magic Johnson, announced that he would be undergoing gastric bypass surgery on the season 2 finale of E!’s where can i buy Plavix Retin-A to sale cheap Phenergan Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Now it has been a few months since the procedure and EJ is proudly showing off the results.

    22-year old EJ Johnson is a busy guy as an NYU student, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills treat breast cancer Ordering Cialis online star and noted fashion blogger. And now he’s busy losing weight, inspired by other stars that have taken the same steps.

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    EJ told Entertainment Tonight that he reached out to Star Jones for advice about the procedure. Star famously underwent the procedure back in 2003 after tipping the scales at 307 pounds.


    “She told me that it was definitely a tool for a whole new life,” EJ says. “It was not something that was the easy way out by any means. This is not something that you do and then all of a sudden everything is gone and you’re skinny and you’re a new person. It’s definitely a tool and something that you have to work at.”


    And how does his famous father feel about his son’s decision?


    “He was 100 percent supportive of course,” EJ said when asked his dad’s thoughts. “He supports me in everything that I do. He’s been one of my biggest cheerleaders.”


    But what really matters is how EJ feels now that he has lost weight.


    So far, EJ says he feels “amazing” and explained that doctors removed about 80% of his stomach, making it the size of a banana.


    EJ isn’t the first male reality star to open up about his decision to live a healthier lifestyle beginning with plastic surgery. Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison recently showed off his weight loss with the help of surgery, inspiring his costar Chumlee to also lose weight. And bespectacled celebrity chef Graham Elliot also lost a great deal of weight via surgical means.


    After drastic weight loss, many stars go under the knife for plastic surgery in order to help improve their appearance even further. Star Jones lost so much weight that is suspected that she had a tummy tuck to help flatten her stomach and also had a breast augmentation in order to replace lost volume in her bust.


    EJ likely won’t be opting for a breast augmentation, but he may consider some plastic surgery, such as a tummy tuck to flatten his stomach or a brachioplasty (arm lift) to get rid of excess skin on his arms. He may even need some further reduction on his chest, which will require gynecomastia, liposuction to get rid of any man boobs that remain after his weight loss is complete. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson famously underwent the procedure after he had retired from wrestling the first time in hopes of acting without such a large chest.


    If EJ does go under the knife on the next season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, he will be in good company with other cast members. Brendan Fitzpatrick underwent a hair transplant and is waiting to show off the results, while his girlfriend Morgan Stewart is said to be contemplating a nose job.

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