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  • Reality Star Todd Chrisley knows what’s best when it comes to Botox. The middle aged millionaire star of Chrisley Knows Best tells Bravo’s Andy Cohen that he “used to be a friend of the Botox,” indicating that he no longer uses the wrinkle removing injectable.

    45-year old Todd Chrisley and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia in a spacious mansion where the real estate mogul seems to have nothing ore to do than interfere with his kids lives, whether its picking out outfits for his daughters or engaging in other flamboyant acts.

    Despite having a long term marriage and five kids, Todd is frequently at the center of gay rumors, thanks in part to his personality and interests and partly because the guy just looks so darn good and has such amazing grooming skills.


    Not only is Todd’s hair impeccable at all times, his skin is also completely smooth and flawless.


    Todd appears to get Botox injections on a regular basis as his forehead shows no wrinkles, even when he becomes animated. His face looks so smooth in fact that host Andy Cohen questioned whether or not the star undergoes Botox treatments, with an under the breath, “Are you a friend of Botox?”


    Todd responded, “I used to be a friend of Botox,” which probably means that he no longer gets the injections, but it looks like his last treatment couldn’t have been too long ago if he is still unable to show emotions or wrinkle his forehead.


    In addition to Botox, Todd probably also gets other facial treatments as well, such as chemical or laser peels to keep his smooth skin. Todd doesn’t appear to have a heavy beard or a lot of facial hair, which can be a side effect of laser treatments on men as they may also remove hair follicles in addition to tightening skin and removing dead layers that lead to wrinkles.


    Todd may also dabble in fillers in his cheeks and even the nasolabial folds around his mouth. Todd has a very youthful glow and it is still very plump rather than showing the natural crags that come with time. Todd may even get lip augmentation as his kisser is rather prominent for a typical man.


    Although Todd claims to have made his money from real estate, he is also said to have numerous side projects, including starting a skincare line with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Miles Graivier, according to an article in Eide Magazine from earlier this year.


    In between professional sessions with a plastic surgeon, Todd may rely on home treatments in his 30,000 square foot mansion. He may regularly cleanse with a ProSonic exfoliating device to stay clean and smooth and shiny as well as use high end skincare products and make sure to wear sunscreen on a daily basis to prevent further signs of aging.


    Although Todd is somewhat unusual in being a male with plastic surgery, he is far from the first reality television Bravo star to admit to going under the needle.