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  • Reality star Kate Stolz of the popular “Return to Amish” series doesn’t seem to be missing life on the farm. Just two years away from being an Amish schoolgirl, Kate now has a career as a model in New York City and is said to be planning to have plastic surgery.

    23-year old Kate Stolz angered her family when she posed in lingerie for a Maxim shoot last year. However, Kate seems to want to continue her modeling career and is reportedly looking in to having one of the industry’s most popular plastic surgery procedures: a nose job.

    “Kate is ready to get a nose job,” the source reveals of the reality star. “She’s doctor shopping around New York.”


    Kate has been spotted in the offices of NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg earlier in June.


    Major Model Management has signed Kate and the former Amish schoolgirl reportedly feels the need for some plastic surgery tweaks to continue to be a success in the modeling industry.


    “Since coming to live with ‘the English,’ she’s noticed a lot of her flaws,” the source tells RadarOnline, “The pressure to be beautiful in the modeling world is intense, especially for someone who grew up so sheltered.”


    Although Kate looks young and perfect, she may be feeling insecure as many models undergo nose jobs and breast augmentations in order to fit standards of beauty. Kate’s nose may be slightly asymmetrical and a slight rhinoplasty could help make it more symmetrical so that she can photograph better from all angles. It seems unlikely that Kate will have a dramatic nose job as it would greatly alter her appearance, an appearance that has helped her find fame and a career as a model.


    If Kate continues to do lingerie shoots, she may also eventually explore the idea of a having breast augmentation. Many lingerie models undergo breast augmentation so that they don’t have to rely on undergarments to have nice cleavage.


    In an interview with the New York Post, Kate opened up about leaving her Amish family behind saying, “They know what I am doing but they…avoid the subject. “A year ago, I never would have done a lingerie shoot. I don’t know if I’ve become more comfortable with myself or with the idea.”

    Kate has struggled with her Amish roots even before becoming a reality star. During the show she admitted to getting a DUI before series began.


    Since leaving the farm in 2012 where she wore ankle-length dresses and bonnets as she pitched hay on the farm and cooked and cleaned at home, Kate has found fame on the TLC series Breaking Amish.


    “I want to be on a billboard in the middle of Times Square and I want to be the first person in my family to ever have a college education,” she has said. “I realize the world is so large and the only thing that matters is who you are and whether or not you’re happy.”