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  • She may no longer be a Real Housewife of New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean that Caroline Manzo can’t act like one and head for some plastic surgery. After seeing the results of her daughter, Lauren Manzo’s breast reduction, apparently Caroline wants one too!

    Lauren Manzo tells RadarOnline that while her mom was initially against her having a breast reduction procedure, now she wants one too, after seeing Lauren’s great results.

    New Jersey cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Zubowski performed Lauren’s procedure, which dropped her bra size from a G cup to a C cup.

    According to Lauren, her breast reduction recovery was painless and her back problems have resolved since having the procedure done. Knowing this has made her mother decide to go under the knife, as she also has large breasts and resulting health problems.

    To help her speedy and painless recovery, Lauren probably used similar products to those found in the Makemeheal.com Cozy Breast Reduction Recovery and Survival Kit. The kit contains all the necessities needed to help the healing process, including a specially constructed bra, scar reduction sheets, tapes for the scar sheets, compresses and multi-vitamins for both before and after surgery to help aid the body’s natural processes.

    Lauren apparently opted for breast reduction plastic surgery after her breasts didn’t shrink after her lap band procedure to lose serious pounds in 2011. Initially, Lauren assumed that her breasts would go down with her weight, but when they didn’t, she opted for plastic surgery to reduce her bra size and achieve a bust that would better fit her thinner frame. Even against her mother’s wishes.

    It seems that Lauren had been considering having a breast reduction for a very long time as she reveals in the interview that she was wearing a G cup as early as her freshman year of high school. Now, she says she is happy with the size of her breasts.

    Even though Lauren has been under the knife several times now, she says she is done with it—at least for now.

    Lauren says that she is in no way a plastic surgery addict and isn’t even considering any plastic surgery treatments in the near future, even Botox or skin treatments. Instead, she plans to hold off on any plastic surgery until after she has children.

    If Lauren is planning on having plastic surgery after she is finished having kids, she is probably considering what is known as a “mommy makeover.” Typically a mommy makeover includes a tummy tuck with or without a little liposuction as well as breast lift. Often women will opt to have breast implants placed along with the lift, but that seems unlikely given Lauren’s recent history.

    With her new body, Lauren probably feels much more confident in her appearance and is set to appear on her family’s new reality show, Manzo’d With Children, the spinoff from her mother’s original appearance as a Real Housewife of New Jersey.