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  • The Real Housewives of any City don’t tend to be shy about showing off their assets. So when Real Housewife of New York Sonja Morgan got her sexy back by participating in a burlesque show to benefit a LGTB Youth Center, apparently the catering company owner was hoping that the focus would be on her good works and great moves. However, apparently the star of the show turned out to be her possibly lopsided breast implants.

    While Sonja managed moves that would be difficult for many limber young women half her age, all the while sporting a down-to-there strapless leotard, the focus wasn’t on her dancing prowess, it was on how Sonja’s “breasts implants” looked “lopsided” while she was onstage.

    After hearing of the criticism, Sonja has fired back at her detractors, according to RadarOnline.

    “People need to stop concentrating on bad lighting and makeup, bad angles, and focus on the bigger picture of all the good that came from the evening,” Sonja tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

    “The bottom line is, it’s mean when an artist puts herself out there in character, in costume, playing someone else, like a vaudeville act like Moulin Rouge to raise money for the LGTB Youth Center and to support other artists,” she says. “And it was my catering company, Sonja and the City, alongside Carlyle Off the Green that provided the atmosphere and a wonderful evening for everybody who enjoys the art of cabralesque. For haters to make a spectacle of ‘if she had a boob job or she doesn’t,’ it’s not about that!”

    Sonja asks: “If I’m already sticking myself out there, isn’t that enough? Doesn’t it take enough nerve for me to do that? And to also film it for my show?”

    “That’s a low blow and it’s just hurtful,” she says. “It was just a cheap shot because I wrote very nice lyrics for people to enjoy themselves for a few seconds.”

    “You don’t need that to get media attention when you have Sonja Morgan in a bustier performing and I’m spearheading the event,” she says. “You’ll get enough hits based on that alone, no?”

    While Sonja never really admits to whether or not she has had a wonky breast augmentation, she does have a lot of good points—even if she is very self promoting in her charity work.

    Given that plastic surgery seems to be a mainstay of all real housewives, it does seem likely that Sonja has had a bad breast augmentation, similar to former RHONY, Kelly Bensimon. Kelly unfortunately landed on a lot of bad plastic surgery lists, thanks to her breast implants which likely suffered from capsular contraction, making the breasts look rock hard and too far away from each other. Sonja’s breasts have a similar appearance, so she may have a similar problem.

    50-year old Sonja has probably also had a nose job and likely uses anti aging procedures such as Botox and fillers to keep her looking as good as her younger co-stars.