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  • It seems that money really can buy you anything, including hair. Brendan Fitzpatrick, boyfriend and costar of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills star and blogger Morgan Stewart recently revealed his intention to undergo hair restoration after suffering from premature hair loss.

    Despite having a busy work schedule as luxury real estate agent 25-year old Brendan Fitzpatrick managed to take time out of his busy schedule to visit hair restoration experts—and Tweet about it.

    During the appointment, Brendan posed for a photo with two doctors at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group examining his head and captioned the image with “The perks of going bald @Drpay @plastixdocs.”


    While some men are loathe to discuss their hair loss and even less likely to admit seeking help for it, Brendan seems pretty open about it, even getting girlfriend Morgan in on the action.


    Morgan, who also maintains her own blog, wrote about her S.O.’s hair loss in a recent post, saying, “I’m off to the hair restoration DR with my boyfriend who seems to care that he’s prematurely balding. Like I was over that week three. #JasonStatham.”

    Although Morgan may be content with her boyfriend’s hairline, she is probably also more than a little familiar with plastic surgery. With a self-reported 24 inch waist and DD breasts, she seems to have it all, although she hasn’t said whether her breasts or natural or the result of breast implants.

    On her blog about her fabulous life, Morgan admitted to being pretty happy about her looks—except for her nose, saying that it was so big that she could use a nose job. However, don’t except her to go under the knife anytime soon.


    Morgan wrote, “I do need a nose job but will NEVER get one – EVER.”

    While many stars rely on their parents money, Brendan has made it clear that he works hard to get the things he wants, beginning his day as early as 6am to land listings as high as $30 million.

    “I started making my own money at a young age,” the real estate businessman told E! News. “I love my job!”

    So what does he spend his money on (other than hair restoration plastic surgery)?


    “There was something I always wanted to buy for myself and that was a car,” he said while promoting the show’s series premiere. “I bought a Porsche 911 Turbo for myself and it was a great feeling actually. You got to treat yourself.”


    In the few spare moments he has, Brendan spends with his girlfriend and playing sports.


    “I like to obviously spend it with my girlfriend who I can pretty much do anything with,” he said. “I like to golf. I like to surf. I’m actually a really active person.”

    Through all the shenanigans of his wealthy friends, Brendan makes an effort to keep it real.

    “I’m a part of a lot of ridiculousness and I make a point to keep it together and not let anything get out of hand,” he said. “I’m a real person.”